Rezdy is a popular booking management solution for tour operators worldwide: they serve dozens of countries and offer a robust platform with features to receive and manage online bookings, increase reservations and revenue, and streamline operations.

The primary reason users search for Rezdy alternatives is to find a more cost-effective solution. The recommended plan costs $99 monthly, plus additional booking fees on all reservations (including offline bookings).

Several other software solutions offer the same features and benefits but can be more budget-friendly. We put together this list of the best Rezdy alternatives so you can compare competitors and find the right solution. We also include alternative options for travel agents.

We kick off with our tour operator software, Bókun . Our platform offers an industry-leading feature set but our subscription plan costs only $49/month, and all users have access to our full feature set and support. We have the lowest booking fees in the category (1.5%) and free bookings from Viator. Plus, we offer a 14-day free trial (no CC required), so you can try our platform risk-free before opting into a subscription — start your trial here .

Note: Rezdy has recently partnered with Checkfront and Regiondo. At the time of writing, these brands continue to operate independently, and both platforms offer different features and pricing than Rezdy. However, Checkfront and Regiondo users have reported these providers are updating their pricing to align with Rezdy. So expect that these solutions will offer similar terms as Rezdy, and any Rezdy pricing is subject to change.

Bókun: Full-feature Rezdy alternative with the industry’s lowest booking fees

Bókun homepage: More Bookings. Less Work.

Our tour operator software has advanced features to bring your business online, sell across online travel agencies (OTAs), establish reseller partnerships, and manage operations — but our platform is intuitive and easy to learn (most users can be set up in a day), and we offer a variety of perks to save you money:

  • Instead of offering tiered plans, we charge one flat fee of $49/month for our subscription. This includes all features, a bookable website and custom website builder, and a domain of your choosing. Every Bokun Pro user gets access to the core features.
  • We offer the lowest booking fees (1.5%) amongst all competitors and even offer 0% booking fees (free) for Viator. We also offer four free Viator product checks each month.
  • We never charge for offline bookings.

We’re a Tripadvisor brand and work with tour and activity businesses, big and small, around the world. Our platform is highly configurable and scalable to support your operations through different stages of growth, and our team is available to help with set-up and answer questions as you go.

We’ll show you how it works.

Bring your business online & manage all bookings in one hub

All users receive a bookable website they can design to reflect their brand and offerings. (If you already have a website, you can embed our booking engine to start receiving online reservations).

Our website builder is straightforward and requires no coding: you choose a template and plug in the fields. You can add custom colours, fonts, logos, and imagery, and we also provide a library of stock images to use on your site. Then, you can choose your website name, and we cover domain charges.

Select Website Template: Find a template that represents your business

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In addition, we have partnerships with leading OTAs like Viator, GetYourGuide, Klook, Civitalis and Google Things to do. Simply select the sites you want to receive bookings from and you can sell tours on these platforms that consumers are already on. Reservations from those sites automatically populate in the Bókun system. Remember, you pay no Bókun booking fees (0%) on bookings made on Viator.

Sales Tools: Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

You can view bookings from all channels in the Bókun calendar — this includes your website, OTAs, resellers (more on these below), and even offline bookings. You can also set your availability in Bókun so you only receive reservations at approved times; this prevents blunders like overbookings and challenges scheduling staff.

Booking Calendar example in Bókun

Creating a bookable website and connecting with OTAs makes it convenient for customers to book with you and provides opportunities to fill your calendar without all the manual bookkeeping.

Bonus: Bókun allows your customers to cancel tours without back and forth with your team. Your booking calendar updates in real-time so you can plan accordingly.

Add Experiences & track inventory

Create dedicated listings for your tours and activities to sell experiences on your website and connected sales channels. Our product builder makes this workflow easy by walking you through each step: add the names of your tours and activities with detailed descriptions and supporting media, then set pricing.

How is your experience scheduled? (Date and Time)

You can add, edit, or remove products anytime through the Experiences tab. You can also choose which products you sell on which channels by creating and adding a Product list distribution filter, so if you only want to list select tours on OTAs, you can manage those settings from this dashboard.

Bonus: We also offer automation tools like dynamic pricing and pricing schedules to offer discounts, plan seasonal rates, or optimise rates to improve conversion potential, which can generate more revenue from bookings.

Discover partnerships to increase bookings & revenue

We offer a vast Marketplace where you can partner with other tour and activity providers or travel agents in your region. Connect with suppliers — to sell others’ tours for a commission and increase revenue — or resellers — who will sell your tours to help you grow bookings.

Discover Partners: The Marketplace gives you access to resellers and suppliers

Many tour and activity operators explore both avenues, partner with resellers and sell others’ experiences to expand their reach and increase earnings.

You can browse nearby suppliers and resellers in the Marketplace and submit proposals to the businesses you’re interested in partnering with; then, all communications and contracts are managed through Bókun.

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Monitor operations & make informed business decisions

Keep an eye on behind-the-scenes operations from Bókun’s reporting hub. This dashboard comes with various preset reports so you can see:

  • How many reservations you receive
  • Information on payments and revenue
  • Where customers book with you, and which channels perform the best
  • Which tours and activities customers book most often
  • When business is the busiest (or slowest)
Income statement example in Bókun

You can modify reports to analyse data over any time frame — providing valuable insights for planning growth strategies. For example, you can offer more of what’s popular, invest in top-performing channels, establish new partnerships, adjust contracts, and prepare for busy and slow seasons.

Our booking platform also has a CRM that automatically stores customer data, like names, contact information, and reservation details (the type of tours booked and when), for easy reference.

Provide the best customer experience

Investing in good booking management software benefits not just you but also your customers.

Simple, seamless booking

For starters, customers can book with you on your website or a trusted OTA; instead of having to request a tour over the phone or email and wait to hear back (a process with far too many drop-off points), they can instantly see your availability, choose a time slot, provide the booking details, and check out.

We partner with leading payment processing solutions, including PayPal, Stripe, Worldpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Klarna, so you can enable customers to pay for reservations online. Then, customers can complete the entire process — find a tour or activity to book, choose a time slot, and make a payment — in one interaction.

Customers who need to cancel bookings can do so through the booking portal instead of contacting your team.

Consistent customer communications

We offer automated communications to keep customers in the loop: our platform has a library of email templates to create booking confirmation emails and follow-ups. Our software automatically pulls customer emails from the CRM to send these at specified times.

For example, Bókun can send:

  • Order confirmation emails so customers know their booking was successfully received.
  • Tickets so customers can download or print tickets for faster check-in. You can customise tickets, as well.
  • Reminders before customers’ scheduled experiences with details on anything they need for the big day.
  • Follow-up emails to thank customers for their business, offer discounts on future bookings, and share links to review sites.
"Thanks for your booking!" example
"Pay on arrival" ticket example

This consistent communication makes for a smooth customer experience, and since customers can download tickets and see what’s required for their experience before arrival, check-in is fast and easy. Our mobile apps have ticket scanning features so staff can check customers in from anywhere.

Note: We also offer an Adventure Waivers app ($99/month) so you can customise and send waivers to attendees before they arrive for check-in.

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User-friendly booking methods allow customers to make reservations at their leisure, so you avoid losing business by not responding or confirming bookings fast enough. Then, providing a good customer experience encourages repeat bookings and positive online reviews.

Pricing & getting started with Bókun

Bókun PRO is available for $49/month, and all users receive access to our suite of core features — this includes all of the tools discussed above, the Bókun Marketplace, benefits from our preferred partners, integrations and API access, and priority support. Plus, our PRO subscription allows unlimited users, we don’t charge extra for additional staff members.

We have the lowest booking fees in the category — 1.5% for online reservations — and free bookings from Viator. Teams can also manage offline and in-person bookings in our dashboard for free.

Our platform requires no training, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We offer a 14-day free trial so you can test it out before subscribing. Start your trial here.

We offer optional upgrades, including a more comprehensive reporting tool, advanced inventory management, booking portals for travel agents, and solutions to keep multi-location teams in sync. You can learn more about these here .

2. FareHarbor

FareHarbor homepage: Powerful booking software. Unmatched support.

FareHarbor (a brand) is another option comparable to Rezdy; they work with small activity-based businesses, rental providers, and large, growing organisations.

The appeal of FareHarbor is that the platform is marketed as free — they don’t charge subscription fees, and they pass booking fees to the customer.

However, whilst they don’t charge a monthly fee, they do charge approx 6% in booking fees which could deter price sensitive customers from booking. Some FareHarbor users state these fees can negatively impact booking conversions and decrease the number of new reservations.

This may not be as significant of a concern for certain tour operators; say, small teams with a few moderately-priced experiences, as the fees for these bookings would be inexpensive. However, teams with more expensive or multi-day experiences may find these fees pose a greater risk to business.


  • Custom website building services
  • Online booking engine
  • Customisable booking calendar
  • Connections with OTAs like Expedia & Viator
  • Channel management
  • Product management
  • Availability & staff management
  • Reporting
  • Integrations with payment processors, online waiver solutions, and other popular business applications
  • Features to upsell customers & offer discounts
  • Mobile apps


FareHarbor does not charge subscription fees for their booking software, but they reportedly charge (customers) up to 6% booking fees for all online reservations.

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3. Xola

Xola homepage: Online Booking Software

Xola is a reservation management software with advanced marketing tools to grow your customer base and increase bookings and revenue. They work with tour operators, indoor and outdoor activity providers, charters, and attractions — offering both online booking software and ticketing solutions.

In addition to standard booking management tools, Xola has features to: retarget customers who abandon checkout, upsell customers during booking, and automatically adjust tour rates to improve booking potential.

Like FareHarbor, Xola does not charge subscription fees, though they charge variable booking fees (between 3–6%). These fees are passed to the customer, so price sensitive customers could have issues with the additional fees.


  • Website builder
  • Online booking engine
  • Online checkout system — instead of partnering with other payment processors, they provide a homegrown solution with an intuitive interface designed to streamline the booking process and increase conversions.
  • OTAs & channel management
  • Partner network
  • Availability & staff management
  • Marketing tools to retarget customers & create opportunities to increase revenue
  • Digital waiver solution
  • Reporting tools
  • POS & ticketing tools for attractions


Xola is free for tour operators, but customers must pay a variable booking fee for online reservations.

Xola is reported to have higher booking fees, between 3– 6%. They also charge customers a transaction fee of 1.9% + 30¢ to pay online but note these fees vary for international transactions.

4. Peek Pro

Peek Pro homepage: More Bookings, Happier Customers.

Peek Pro is a Rezdy alternative that appeals to activity-based businesses interested in growth strategies and new ways to drive revenue. In addition to the core features you’d expect from tour operator software, Peek Pro has tools to increase bookings and earnings, including customer retargeting tools, dynamic pricing, and features to offer bundles and add-ons.


  • Online booking engine & reservation management tools
  • Customer portals to independently edit bookings
  • Connections with OTAs & channel management
  • Product management
  • Availability & staff management
  • Customisable tickets & digital waiver solutions
  • Automated customer communications
  • Kiosk features to streamline check-in
  • Flexible payment options for customers — Peek Pro has invoicing tools and integrations with common payment processors. They also allow business owners to provide financing options for customers.
  • Mobile apps
  • Integrations & API
  • Reporting


Peek Pro does not share pricing on their website, but user reviews reveal details.

Reviewers note Peek Pro does not charge subscription fees; customers pay booking fees when making online reservations (users say these fees are as high as 6%). This pricing is on par with FareHarbor above, so price sensitive customers could have similar issues.

We should also note some users report Peek Pro charges a $199 set-up fee.

You can learn more about pricing by requesting a demo with the Peek Pro team.

5. TripWorks

TripWorks homepage: The World's Most Powerful Booking Software.

TripWorks is an advanced booking management platform with extra marketing tools; it appeals to teams that already have an online presence and are interested in growing their business via digital strategies (Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok).

The pricing structure is a little unique in that it’s variable based on sales — the base plan costs up to $49/month; if you don’t meet a certain number of sales in the first six months, you’re charged the max subscription cost for those months. The upgraded plan starts at $49/month, but they do not say what impacts pricing or if they cap subscription costs.

With that, this solution is best for larger teams that can easily meet the minimum sales requirements to lock in the lower subscription rates. From what we can see, TripWorks does not charge booking fees, but they charge customers a transaction fee to make online reservations.


  • Online booking engine & reservation management
  • Connections with OTAs
  • Native payment processing solution (available in ~130 countries)
  • Integrations with Google and Apple Pay
  • Marketing tools to:
  • Retarget abandoned carts
  • Create PPC campaigns on search engines and social media
  • Track the results of campaigns (aka, if you receive new bookings from ads)
  • Offer discounts, gift cards, and vouchers
  • Digital waiver solution
  • Mobile apps
  • Tickets & ticket scanning for fast check-in
  • Integrations (via Zapier)
  • Reporting

Note: This solution does not offer a website builder, but you can embed their booking widget to make your site bookable.


TripWorks offers a limited free plan and two subscription options:

  • The Standard package costs anywhere between $0–49 per month — the monthly fees are subject to minimum credit card processing volumes. If you don’t process a minimum of $5,000 in net credit card payments over a six-month period, you’re charged a $49/month maintenance fee. This is not the most recommended plan; users have access to fewer features and risk subscription fees or account closures if they don’t meet a certain number of sales.
  • The Enterprise package starts at $49 per month and provides access to all TripWorks features.

TripWorks also charges a transaction fee (2.9% + 30¢) for all online payments.

Note: TripWorks will set up your account for a small deposit. It’s mentioned they will later refund the deposit, but that may suggest you’re locked into the platform for a set period. You can also complete onboarding independently, the site mentions set-up can take a few days, depending on the complexity of your operations.


TRYTN homepage: Online Booking Software System

TRYTN offers custom website development services and online booking software for tour and activity-based businesses, with solutions for small, mid-size, and multi-location teams.

TRYTN’s development services differentiate them from others on our list: they will design, optimise, and manage your site, and their team can go beyond basic website builders with unique formats and functionality, although this reportedly comes at an additional higher cost. The booking management platform offers essential features like connections with OTAs and product management.

It’s worth noting: TRYTN doesn’t disclose pricing on their site, but considering their website development and management services, it may be more expensive than some of the other Rezdy competitors. Customers may have steeper upfront costs and be subject to fees if they want to update the site.


  • Custom website, designed & managed by the TRYTN team
  • Online booking engine & reservation management
  • Product management
  • Channel management
  • Staff management
  • POS to manage online & in-person payments
  • Marketing analytics tools to understand which campaigns bring in new customers
  • Features to upsell customers & increase revenue from bookings
  • Reporting


TRYTN offers custom quotes on a per-customer basis.

7. Travefy

Travefy homepage: Helping travel professionals save time and impress clients.

Travefy is a Rezdy alternative for travel agents, destination management companies, and tour operators who need an online booking system to sell bespoke experiences and getaways.

You can use this platform to plan everything from flights to hotels and activities. They provide tools to design custom itineraries and create visually elegant proposals. Then, customers can approve experiences or request changes directly within the proposal, and all communications are managed through Travefy so you can easily close sales and refer to past bookings.


  • Custom website builder & domain — instead of listing products, users can show example itineraries and past experiences
  • Marketing tools to promote business on social media
  • Form builders to collect information from customers during the first contact
  • Itinerary management tools to plan each step of customers’ getaways, from flights and transportation to activities and dining
  • Custom proposal builder — add background colours, brand elements, images, videos, maps, and more — Travefy provides a library of templates, and users can save proposals to customise again later
  • Mobile apps with chat tools to instantly message clients
  • CRM
  • Online payment options & invoicing tools


Travey offers their solution for one low price of $39/month. (Or $31/month when you opt into the annual plan.) Users have access to all of Travefy’s features, and they allow users to create unlimited itineraries and proposals. They also offer a 10-day free trial to get started.

8. TravelWorks

TravelWorks homepage: A Unique System

TravelWorks (not to be confused with TripWorks above) is a Rezdy alternative for travel agents and tour operators who offer multi-day getaways and want to sell their experiences online. For example, a tour guide who offers week-long Safari experiences with new activities planned each day.

They have over 30 years of experience and work with travel agencies of all sizes — they offer custom solutions and pricing based on your requirements; the TravelWorks team will help through set-up and update the platform as your business needs change.


  • Online booking engine & reservation system
  • Product management
  • CRM
  • Marketing tools to send targeted emails & automated reminders
  • Staff management
  • Back-office accounting tools & invoicing solutions
  • Reporting tools


TravelWorks does not disclose pricing on their site; you must contact their team for a free demo, and they’ll provide a custom quote.

Getting started

Bókun is a leading Rezdy alternative because our booking solution has many of the same advanced features and benefits but is more user-friendly and affordable.

  • Our subscription costs $49 for all features. (Rezdy’s comparable option is $99/month.)
  • We have the lowest booking fees in the category — 1.5% — and offer free Viator and offline bookings.
  • Rezdy charges a fee for every booking, between 1.75–2% for online bookings and 70¢ to $1 for offline bookings.

You can try our platform risk-free for 14 days to decide if it’s the right Rezdy alternative for your business. Start your free trial here.

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