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Customer Communications

Bókun helps you create and send communications that make a great impression. Keep your customers informed, build better relationships, and turn more memorable experiences into five-star reviews. All while spending less time than ever in your inbox.
  • Create personalised, professional emails using pre-written templates.

  • Save hours of time and effort by automating your everyday emails.

  • Send targeted emails to specific customers with our simple CRM tools.

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$3.5 Billion

Total gross booking value since 2019



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Email Templates

Send better emails

Keep customers engaged and informed throughout the booking process and beyond. Save time by automating your regular customer communication.
  • Pick one of our ready-made templates or build your own

  • Add personal touches like your logo and email signature

  • Save your customised template once and use it forever. 

Examples automated emails within Bókun

Automated Emails

Automate the emails you send every day

  • Keep customers in the loop without lifting a finger by automating booking and cancellation confirmations, activity reminders, review requests and more

  • Automatic customer confirmation emails as soon as a booking is made

  • Trigger emails against hours before and after travel, cart abandonment, cancellation or change.


 Booking amendment and cancellation links

Help customers manage their own bookings

Great customer communication works both ways. Provide a better booking experience with Bókun’s customer portal which gives your customers a simple way to change or cancel their bookings.

Offer your customers greater control of their booking and reduce the time your team spends on queries.


Customer communication made simple 

Bókun’s CRM tools help you send targeted emails to specific customers. Whether you’re changing a start time, sending a review reminder, or sharing news of an exciting new offer, your emails will stand out in your customers inbox.
  • Filter your customer list by name, activity, date and more

  • Set up automated emails or send one-off communications

  • Contact a specific customer, group, or everyone you know.

Railbiking in Greece doubled their bookings within a year with Bókun.

Cart Abandonment

Sway indecisive shoppers

Don't miss out on a potential sale by staying quiet. Create personalised emails that are sent automatically when a customer adds a product to their basket, but leaves your site before completing their purchase.
  • More than 85% of virtual carts are abandoned by online travel shoppers*.

  • Nearly 60% of these customers open follow-up emails from travel operators*.

* Source: SaleCycle 2023 Travel Ecommerce Stats & Trends Report


Benefits to tour and activity guides

Greater visibility for your team

Managing your communications in Bókun helps everyone stay on the same page. You and your team can easily see every booking, cancellation, change and special request.

And when you’re on the move, the Bókun app keeps the conversation flowing. You’ll never miss a last-minute update or a new note, so everything runs smoothly on the day, every day.

The Bókun app

With the Bókun app (available on iPhone & Android) you can easily manage your day-to-day operations, even when you're away from your computer.
  • Quickly view passenger & pick-up lists

  • Scan tickets and mark customers that have arrived

  • Provide updates and communicate with colleagues.