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Connecting to an existing tech stack

Get accurate availability regardless of where you are selling. Manage your availability, close-outs and bookings in Bókun and automatically update across all channels in real-time.
  • Over 4100 resellers in locations around the world.

  • Connect with 27,000+ partners, suppliers & OTAs.

  • Convert traffic into bookings with customisable widgets.

Channel Manager API

Use an existing system as a central core resource and connect to Bókun via a single API connection: Channel Manager. Open your distribution network to Bókun’s Marketplace of 27,000+ suppliers, resellers and global OTAs.
Bokuns distribution OTA partners


Manage your products and distribution networks using the RESTful API. Upload products en masse and make amendments to Content and Pricing over API as often as necessary. Manage your Marketplace connections with contract status overviews.

Zapier Integration and Webhooks

Connect and automate operational processes with webhooks and Bókun’s Zapier integration. Trigger notifications and send real-time data between systems whenever an event occurs.

Manage new bookings, update and cancellation requests and communications easily.

Relevant Case Studies

Discover stories from current Bókun users. We partner with businesses of all sizes, across the globe, to help them streamline their operations and grow their bookings.
Venice Tours

Venice Tours achieved 400% revenue increase through the Bókun Marketplace.

Up at The O2

Bókun enables Up at The O2 to free up time to drive stronger customer experiences.

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