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Drive more direct bookings with our website builder or bookable widget - no coding needed.

You’re minutes away from taking direct payments with Bókun

Bókun users using our widgets or bookable website generated an average of $15,300 in revenue in 2023, through these channels. Enable bookings on existing sites, or create a customisable website and generate payment links for bookings via phone, email, or in-person.

Online Bookings

Become bookable today with web tools built for businesses of all sizes

Dan, from Wake Up Reykjavík, increased sales by 400% when adding Bókun's booking widgets into their existing website. No website yet? Build a bookable site instantly with our no-code website builder.
  • Add a bookable widget or create a website in one click to accept bookings directly on your website

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  • Easily accept & manage bookings from phone, email or social media with payment links

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  • Connect an existing website to Bókun and benefit from real-time availability syncing across all of your sales channels.

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Additional revenue opportunities

Diversify your revenue streams

Offer customers gift cards, add-ons or cancellation waivers to increase your revenue.
  • Offer gift cards in just a few clicks

  • Provide optional cancellation waivers

  • Upsell “extras” such as rentals or upgrades

  • Cross-sell other suppliers' tours at check-out

  • Manage and report on affiliate earnings.


Agent Areas

Easy access for booking agents to quickly book your experience products.

Create bespoke booking areas for agents, allowing you to assign the products you want to be sellable. Choose all products or select specific experiences to sell and set terms in advance for speedy booking confirmations.
  • Easily create bespoke online booking areas for your agents

  • Generate bookable links to auto-assign any bookings

  • View all incoming bookings with Agent Sales reports.


Integrations with major payment providers

With integrations to all major payment providers including PayPal, Stripe & Braintree you can start accepting payments from more customers.
  • Choose your payment processor. No lock-in or excessive fees

  • Integrations offered to major payment providers

  • Offer Buy Now, Pay Later.

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Discover stories from Bókun users

We partner with businesses of all sizes, across the globe, to help them streamline their operations and grow their bookings.
Railbiking in Greece

Railbiking in Greece doubled their bookings within a year with Bókun.

Venice Tours

Venice Tours achieved 400% revenue increase through the Bókun Marketplace.