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4 reasons to run your ground operations with the Bókun mobile app

The Bókun Team • July 8, 2022

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With bookings already surpassing 2021 levels by at least 80%, we expect summer 2022 to be the busiest travel season ever. Travellers are especially keen to make up for lost time, so managing everything yourself can be quite a challenge, especially when you might be lacking manpower.

Whether you’re a one-man tour company or a large enterprise, we know that having a tour business nowadays mostly happens on the go. Having the right technology in place will help you better manage last-minute adjustments, effectively communicate with your customers and see your schedule at a glance.

The Bókun mobile App offers a streamlined, app-based experience that focuses on the most popular operational features in your Bókun account.

The Bókun App is your extra team member

Full on the go flexibility

Give your customers the best experience possible without being tied to your computer. Access everything at your fingertips.

 You’re always up to date

Say goodbye to outdated bookings. Manage the feed of all your bookings on your mobile device. Stay updated with any last minute bookings or cancellations, as they will directly be visible for you and all assigned drivers.

Faster communication with your customers

Instead of text messages, you can just leave notes on the bookings to quickly communicate with your customers. If email is your preferred method, you can instantly email all of your customers. Quick and effective communication with no hassle.

Easy day-to-day management

Save time when on the road! You know your business best and we know that you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for the details of a booking or re-checking information. Find all the information you need in one place and never miss a beat.

Is the Bókun mobile app for me?

The app gives you useful information and eases your day-to-day operations. Let’s have a deeper look into some of the functions.

Check your schedule and manage your resources

You can see all of your planned departures in one place. Check each departure in detail and assign drivers and other resources if needed.


Get a full list of your daily pick ups, sorted by time and place. Meet your guests at the time you need them to be picked-up.

Check-ins on the go

With the Bokun mobile app, you and your guides can easily check your guests in with the scan of a QR code.


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Save time

Who doesn’t love automation? Increase your efficiency and manage your business operations all in one place so you can focus on your customers’ needs and wants.

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