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Remove painful admin and focus on what you do best with Bókun’s powerful features.

Like the tools you
already use, only easier

Save thousands of hours by managing your entire business in one place. Wave goodbye to spreadsheets and easily import or create experiences quickly. Handle more bookings without having to hire more staff.


Manage, automate & monitor from one centralised place

No more bouncing between calendars and pickup lists. Bókun automates all the hard things about running a tour & activity business, so you can focus on providing great experiences.
  • Monitor availability across all your sales channels in real-time to prevent double bookings

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  • Manage close-outs, mass communications, and resource assignments from a single location

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  • Maximise advance bookings by adding future availability for your experiences.

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Make sure no one misses anything important again

No more miscommunication and bookings falling through the cracks. Customer notes, email automations and an app make sure follow-ups and departures happen on time - even if your team is on the move.
  • Automate booking confirmations, reminders & review requests

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  • Easily access passenger and pick-up lists
in-office or whilst guiding a tour

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  • Add notes to customer bookings to ensure everyone is kept in the loop.

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Make better business decisions with business data and insights

Make profit-driving decisions like a pro. Bókun pulls together booking channel, customer insight and product performance data into one place.
  • Access company sales overview and income statements

  • Dive into Marketplace insights to identify your best performing resellers

  • Keep track of affiliate sales and performance.


Discover stories from Bókun users

We partner with businesses of all sizes, across the globe, to help them streamline their operations and grow their bookings.
Railbiking in Greece

Railbiking in Greece doubled their bookings within a year with Bókun.

Venice Tours

Venice Tours achieved 400% revenue increase through the Bókun Marketplace.