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Viator Integration

Join thousands of Viator suppliers using Bókun to manage their bookings

Bókun is a preferred partner of Viator so you can integrate your account in minutes and import your products with just one click. Bókun users benefit from one of the most efficient connections in the industry and can start selling with Viator in minutes, following entering into a contract.
Viator customers on a bike tour
  • 0% Bókun booking fees on reservations from Viator.

  • Bókun PRO users get four free product listing reviews per month, worth up to $116.

  • Connect with over 4,000 resellers in the Bókun Marketplace.

Start selling with Viator in minutes

Simply import your products from Viator with a click and start driving new bookings.
  • Import your products from Viator with a single click allowing you to start selling in minutes

  • Consolidate all your bookings across Viator and connected OTAs/resellers in one place for effortless tracking

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  • Better booking management means fewer cancellations, helping your Viator ranking. The next step? Your Badge of Excellence.

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Expand your distribution and drive more revenue

Bókun makes it easy to expand your distribution, generate more direct bookings and grow your revenue.
  • Reach a wider audience and boost your sales with the Bókun marketplace. Access over 4,000 OTAs and resellers for broader distribution

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  • Add a bookable widget or create a website in a few clicks to accept bookings directly on your website

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  • Offer customers gift cards, add-ons or cancellation waivers to increase your revenue.

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Bokuns distribution OTA partners

Bókun users gain access to exclusive discounts when selling through Viator.

0% Bókun booking fees on Viator reservations

Enjoy 0% Bókun booking fees on Viator reservations

Bókun users save $116 in Viator Product Checks

$116 in free Viator submission checks per month

Better customer communications

Bókun helps you create and send communications that make a great impression.
  • Create personalised, professional emails using pre-written templates

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  • Save hours of time and effort by automating your everyday emails

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  • Send targeted emails to specific customers with our simple CRM tools.

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Examples automated emails within Bókun

Improve your Viator ranking

Offer customers a more seamless booking experience. With Bókun, your bookings and availability are updated in real time, so you never double book. And because Bókun makes managing bookings simpler, you can reduce your booking cut-off times.
  • Short booking cut-off times, instant confirmations and guaranteed bookings will all help you earn and keep the Viator Badge of Excellence. And with Bókun, you can easily do it all

  • Products with short cut-off times can be more popular than those you can’t book on the same day. A short cut-off time may help you get more bookings, and more happy customers.


Viator is the world's largest online marketplace for tours, activities, and attractions.



Experiences in 200+ countries





455 million+ 

Annual global visitors

How Naviera Nortour digitised their business with Bókun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will customers still be able to book from my Viator page?

Yes. And even better, we won’t charge you any booking fees when a customer books through Viator.

How do I connect Viator to Bókun?

Match attributes in Viator and Bókun for the smoothest mapping setup. Then, enable the Auto Import feature in Bókun to automatically import products into Bókun and update attribute changes from Viator. This way, you  don’t have to manually make changes on both platforms.

When I get a Viator booking, how quickly does my availability update in Bókun?

Your availability will update in real-time when you get a booking via Viator (and any other sales channels).

Will I lose my Viator account if I import everything into Bókun?

No, when you import everything to Bókun, all the experience setups you had in Viator remain unchanged.

Can I sell my experiences on multiple OTAs and resellers, or just on Viator?

With the Bókun Marketplace you can sell your products on as many channels as you choose.

Do I have to sell on Viator to use Bókun?

No, you do not have to sell on Viator to use Bókun. With Bókun you are in-charge of your distribution channels and you can pause sales channels whenever you like.

If I do a free trial with Bókun, can I go back to using Viator directly?

Yes, you can use Viator directly after connecting to Bókun.

Do Viator users need a payment provider to use Bókun?

No, suppliers selling on Viator who choose to use Bókun do not need to setup a payment provider.