Checkfront is a widely-used booking management solution: the software is user-friendly and easy to learn, it has multi-language features so Checkfront can work with tour operators around the globe, and they offer a free plan and flexible pricing options.

However, some users, as of late, are looking for Checkfront alternatives because they’ve merged with Rezdy and have made several changes to their business, including updates to their product and pricing (and there may be more changes on the horizon).

Our guide reviews the most popular Checkfront alternatives, with options for small, growing, and large teams.

We start with a review of our tour operator software, Bókun, and talk about the features to bring your business online and drive new bookings from online sales channels. If you’re interested in trying our solution, you can start a 14-day free trial .

Note: Regiondo has also recently merged with Rezdy, so we’ve excluded them from our list.

1. Bókun

Modern reservation management with the lowest booking fees & Viator partnership to support business growth

Bókun homepage: More Bookings. Less Work.

Bókun online booking software is a great Checkfront alternative because the systems have overlapping features and functionality, our platform is user-friendly and requires no training, and we work with tour operators from all areas of the globe.

Our platform can support teams in different growth stages: we make it easy to build a bookable website and bring your business online, and we provide the tools to increase bookings and grow your bottom line.

Teams like our software because:

  • We don’t charge booking fees for Viator or offline bookings, and we have the lowest booking fees (1.5%) of all competitors.
  • We have a preferred partnership with Viator, so current Viator users can auto-import their listings and see new bookings on our platform. We also grant Viator users four free product checks each month.
  • Our platform has advanced availability management features and connects with online travel agencies (OTAs), so you can manage availability across all channels and partner sites in our solution.
  • Our supplier & reseller Marketplace is home to over 27,000 partners, so you have the resources to connect with other businesses and establish partnerships — and you can manage partner contracts within the Bókun dashboard.
  • We offer an embeddable booking widget for teams who already have websites, and a website builder with visually elegant templates for teams just getting started. Most teams can design their site and start accepting online bookings in a day! (And if you don’t already have a domain, we’ll even cover your website domain charges.)

Let’s walk through our core features to show you how they work.

Create a bookable website customised to your brand & offerings

We provide a library of templates to streamline the website-building process — choose the template that you like best, and our builder shows you how to customise each section. You can add brand logos, colours, fonts, images, videos, and more. We let you design your booking widget and receive bookings directly from your site.

Select Website Template: Find a template that represents your business the best

We also provide an Advanced Website upgrade (available by default for all Pro users) that lets you optimise your site for mobile, allows more flexibility in website customisation, and supports multilingual capabilities. This upgrade also includes a detailed analytics dashboard to see what visitors do on your website.

Creating a bookable site simplifies the booking process since people can find you, learn about you, and book with you all in the same place — they don’t need to navigate to a third-party site to access your products and availability.

Manage your products & availability

While on the topic of products and availability: Our “Experiences” feature lets you create (and edit or remove) products and manage your availability by product.

New Experience: Give your experience a short but descriptive name

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a new product for every tour or activity you offer. Viator users can import products seamlessly in just a few clicks. Or, our product builder walks you through the steps to add itineraries, descriptions, photos, videos, pick-up/drop-off details, and other information. You can get as creative as you like in these listings — the more you stand out against the competition, the better!
  • Choose how people book with you. If you want to offer passes or prefer if attendees choose a booking day/time. You can set open and close dates and specify departure times for each experience. This is helpful in managing seasonal tours and AM/PM tours — you choose the times of year products are available and the exact times people can book tours.
  • Set capacities and booking cutoffs for each product.
  • Specify pricing by product, and use our dynamic pricing feature (called “Pricing Modulator”) to adjust prices and improve booking conversions. For example, you can set a standard price for each product and then choose to raise prices as you get closer to the booking date or offer a general discount during certain times of the year.
  • Create combo experiences to bundle complementary tours and activities. For example, you could bundle your afternoon sightseeing tour with another supplier’s nighttime stargazing experience; by booking customers for a package, you can enjoy extra commissions and potentially provide a more attractive product.
  • Set your availability by specifying off days and times (and update this any time).

Your (active) products will automatically populate on your site for visitors to book with you, and you can choose which products to make available on OTAs and partner sites.

As mentioned above, our advanced availability management tool will update your availability across all connected sales channels. People will only be able to book active experiences at approved times, and off days will reflect on connected sites.

Sell experiences on dozens of popular travel sites

Bókun connects with dozens (and dozens) of OTAs so you can sell your experiences on Viator, GetYourGuide, Expedia, Klook, Tiqets, Civitatis, Google Things to do, and more.

Bókun connects with dozens of Online Travel Agencies (GIF)

Connecting with OTAs is helpful in increasing bookings — and booking out your calendar — because you can promote your experiences on the travel sites people already know, use, and trust to plan trips and search for things to do.

These sites see millions of visitors per month, allowing you to broaden your potential customer base and reach people from all over the world.

You can access our channel management capabilities to see all the platforms we connect with, and create an integration in just a couple of clicks.

After you connect Bókun with outside sales channels, you can manage availability from our platform and see all new reservations from those channels in our dashboard. This lets you centralise all incoming bookings to stay organised without effort.

Bookings: Monthly Overview

Pro tip: Connecting with Viator is a great way for small businesses to earn new bookings; tour operators that connect to this sales channel see, on average, an additional $6K in bookings in their first year.

Establish partnerships with suppliers & resellers to grow your business

Another way to drive new bookings is by establishing partnerships with other tour providers and travel businesses — so we offer the Bókun marketplace with thousands of suppliers and resellers from around the world.

You can connect with other tour and activity operators, hotel chains and resorts, travel agents, and more to promote your experiences on their sites. (You can even create bundles with resellers where customers can book your experiences together.)

Bókun Marketplace: Discover Partners

On the flip side, you can also act as a reseller and sell others’ tours and activities on your site. You can also bundle other tour operators’ experiences and sell them on your website or OTAs as unique packages. This is a good way to increase revenue when you’ve maxed out bookings, as you earn a commission for each booking you make for partners.

On average, tour operators connected to our Marketplace drove $100K in new revenue from this channel last year.

Of course, new reservations from resellers automatically populate in your Bókun calendar, so your schedule is always up-to-date.

Automate back-office tasks & improve the customer experience

Bókun also has various features to support your back-office processes and help you stay on top of operations.

In addition to product management, availability management, channel management, and partner management — we provide you with:

  • Automated customer communications to send booking confirmation emails, tickets and waivers, reminders before booking dates, and follow-ups. We provide a library of email templates for easy customisation (with new text, logos, links to social media or review sites, and more). Our automation tools will send these at set times.
  • A CRM system to store customer data and support our automated customer communications (above) and bulk emailing features.

Customer portal tool that allows customers to cancel bookings without contacting your team to make the change. We send notifications for cancelled bookings so you’re in the loop, but cancelled reservations are automatically removed from your calendar so there’s no intervention required on your end (whilst you remain in full control of your cancellation policies).

Filter customers in Bókun
  • A digital waiver solution so you can design and send these documents to attendees before arrival. Then, they can complete and send waivers back to you without printing and bringing them on the day of.
  • A digital ticketing solution so you can design tickets with QR or bar codes and speed up customer check-in.
  • Mobile apps that connect in-office staff with field guides. Our apps let tour guides see who’s scheduled for experiences and check-in attendees with ticket scanning features to prevent delays and keep tour guides in the know.
  • Integrations with online payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Worldpay to process customer payments. (You can also add details about in-person payments to our platform and track online and offline payments in our reporting system.)

The Bókun reporting dashboard lets you dig into how your business is performing.

You can see top-selling products, which sales channels and partners bring in the most bookings, income by time frame or product, and more. You can also create custom reports to track the most important information to your business goals.

Experience sales: Report providing statistics about your bookings and an overview of sales

Try Bókun & enjoy the lowest booking fees of all Checkfront competitors

We offer new customers a 14-day free trial to test our platform before upgrading to the Pro subscription. Our platform requires no training, so you can begin building your site, connecting with OTAs, and exploring our partner network on day one. (But our customer support team is always around to help, if needed.)

After the trial period ends, the Pro subscription costs $49/month; we offer our core booking management solution at one flat rate for all customers.

We help you save money while bringing your business online with free Viator and offline bookings, and low fees for other online bookings. Our booking fee is half of Checkfront — 1.5% vs. 3% — and lower than competing reservation systems.

Start a 14-day free trial (no CC required!) to test our platform features and see if we check all your boxes.

2. Trekksoft

Trekksoft homepage: Tour booking solutions that make your life easier

Trekksoft is a popular Checkfront alternative for small and growing businesses; the brand started in Europe and has been historically popular with EU-based tour operators, but they’ve since expanded into additional countries and work with teams around the globe. They also offer custom packages for enterprise businesses.

In addition to the core feature set, Trekksoft has a suite of tools (“Advanced”) to increase tour bookings from online sales channels and scale operations.


  • Custom website builder (and embeddable booking widgets for existing sites)
  • Booking engine
  • Channel management
  • Supplier & reseller network to establish and manage partner contracts
  • Native point of sale (POS)
  • Integrations with payment processing solutions (Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay)
  • Payoo, Trekksoft’s payment gateway
  • Availability & schedule management
  • Resource management
  • Reporting tools
  • Mobile apps


Trekksoft offers three plans:

  • A limited free plan (called Commission) that includes the booking engine, channel management tools and connections with OTAs, limited access to the reseller network, resource management, and access to Trekksoft’s payment solutions. Trekksoft does not charge subscription fees for this plan, but users are still subject to booking fees (5% for direct online bookings, 3% on bookings from OTAs, and a €0.55 fee for every offline booking), transaction fees (2.5% + €0.25), and Trekksoft charges a €799 one-time set-up fee. This plan also requires a 12-month contract.
  • The recommended plan — Accelerate — costs €140/month and grants access to the entire reseller network. Trekksoft also charges lower booking fees for users who choose the paid plan: 2.5% for direct online bookings and OTAs and a €0.55 fee per offline booking.
  • The top-tier plan — Ultimate — costs €280 per month and includes Trekksoft’s business intelligence tools and developer API, in addition to all features in the aforementioned packages. Users who opt for this package enjoy the lowest booking fees: 2% for direct online bookings and OTAs and a €0.55 fee per offline booking.

3. TripWorks

TripWorks homepage: The World's Most Powerful Booking Software

TripWorks is a recommended booking software for mid-size and growing teams that want to increase bookings and revenue. This solution connects with your website and OTAs so you can receive and manage bookings from various online sales channels. They also have a supplier and reseller marketplace where you can establish partnerships with other tour and activity operators.

Tripworks has advanced features, like dynamic pricing and analytics tools, to help teams pinpoint growth areas and maximise revenue. The platform can be tricky at first, but their team is available to help, and you don’t have to pay for the platform until you’re ready to accept bookings.


  • Online booking widgets
  • Reservation management
  • Connections with OTAs & channel management
  • Reseller marketplace
  • Product management
  • Availability management
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Digital waivers
  • Integrations with marketing software & business applications
  • Native POS
  • Integrations with Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Options to sell gift cards & vouchers
  • Marketing tools to build campaigns & manage pay-per-click ads
  • Reporting dashboard


Tripworks allows you to get started on their platform for free: you can add products and sales channels, set availability, create waivers, and more. You can “turn on” the platform (by connecting your bank account) when you’re ready to accept online bookings.

Tripworks does not disclose rates on their website. In addition to the free trial plan, they have two packages:

  • The Standard plan with 30+ core features — the recommended plan for most tour operators.
  • The Enterprise plan with access to the full feature set — for more advanced teams.

They do not charge booking fees, but they charge a credit card processing fee for all online bookings (2.9% + 30¢).

Tripworks also warns that users are subject to a $49/month inactivity fee if they fail to process a minimum of $5,000 in net credit card payments in a one-month period (or $30,000 in net credit card payments in six months). Which is why we suggest them for mid-size and growing teams.

4. Peek Pro

Peek Pro homepage: More Bookings, Happier Customers

Peek Pro is a Checkfront alternative that typically appeals to larger teams or teams looking to improve growth strategies. They have traditional booking management features like customisable booking calendars and integrations with OTAs, but also have extra marketing tools to retarget customers, options to sell memberships and upsells, dynamic pricing to increase revenue, and more.

You might like this solution if you’re interested in ways to grow your bottom line without having to add new experiences or change offerings — it provides ways to increase earnings from bookings and encourage repeat customers.


  • Online booking widgets
  • Customisable booking calendar
  • Reservation management tools
  • Product management
  • Integrations with OTAs & channel management tools
  • Availability & staff management
  • Options to sell memberships, add-ons, bundles, gift cards, & vouchers
  • Marketing tools, including customer retargeting
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Fast check-in features, including digital waivers, Kiosk mode, and ticket scanning
  • Customer portals
  • Peek reseller network
  • Peek Capital (to apply for loans)
  • Native POS
  • Integrations with online payment processors
  • Mobile apps
  • Integrations & API
  • Reporting


Peek Pro does not list pricing details on their website, but reviews say they do not charge subscription fees. Booking fees are reportedly as high as 6%, but reviewers note that Peek passes those fees to the customer.

Note that some users report a $199 one-time set-up cost.

5. FareHarbor

FareHarbor homepage: Powerful booking software. Unmatched support.

FareHarbor is a well-known online reservation and booking management software for tour operators at all growth stages (small businesses, mid-size teams, and global brands). They differentiate themselves from other options on this list by offering custom website building services where they can get your site off the ground for you.


  • Website-building services
  • Online booking engine
  • Customisable dashboard to manage (online & offline) bookings
  • Connections with OTAs & channel management
  • Reseller network
  • Product management
  • Availability management
  • Staff management
  • Native POS
  • Integrations with Stripe
  • Customer portals
  • Fast check-in features & online waiver tools
  • Options to sell memberships
  • Reporting
  • Mobile apps


FareHarbor does not charge subscription fees. Booking fees are reported to be as high as 6% (but can vary depending on the size of your business and number of monthly bookings), and like Peek Pro, FareHarbor passes booking fees to the customer.

FareHarbor’s pricing is similar to Peek Pro’s above. These platforms seem appealing because they do not charge subscription fees and pass booking fees to customers — so, in theory, this platform can be “free” for tour operators — but high booking fees are known to deter customers from booking and have a negative impact on your booking conversions.

So these platforms can get you in front of new customers but the high fees may prevent you from winning their business.

Read more: 8 Best FareHarbor Alternatives: Comparison Guide

6. Travelotopos

Travelotopos homepage: Work easier

Travelotopos is another Checkfront alternative that appeals to teams at all growth stages. The brand is based in Greece and is most popular with EU-based tour providers. They offer an embeddable booking widget (available in six languages) and inventory management, so teams can list tours and activities on their site and receive direct bookings. However, you should already have a website before signing up . They also have a preferred partnership with GetYourGuide and may offer extra perks for those users.


  • Online booking engine
  • Connections with OTAs & channel management
  • Offline reservation management
  • B2B reseller marketplace
  • Resource management
  • Integrations with hotel reservation systems
  • Integrations with business applications like accounting software
  • Integrations with major payment gateways
  • Options to offer coupon codes & promotions
  • Customisable vouchers
  • Reporting
  • Mobile apps


Travelotopos charges:

  • A one-time set-up cost of $270.
  • 3% booking fees for online reservations.
  • 1.5% booking fees on agent and reseller reservations.

7. Beyonk

Beyonk homepage: Online ticketing software, EPOS, and booking management

Beyonk is a Checkfront alternative for larger teams with a focus on managing high-volume ticket sales (e.g., museums, amusement parks, venues, and event spaces). They market themselves as a “visitor experience platform,” and their solutions integrate with your existing site so you can create an enhanced online experience for customers. The platform features are designed to help you increase booking conversions and see more repeat business.

Note: Beyonk offers a free out-of-the-box online booking system with core features and a simple set-up, but they also offer BookingHound for teams that require a more customised solution.

This configurable booking platform allows teams to integrate with thousands of websites, online waiver solutions, survey tools, and more. BookingHound also comes with extras like dynamic pricing, customer self-service portals, and options to sell memberships and merchandise.


  • Online ticketing tool (online booking engine)
  • Custom checkout workflows
  • Connections with OTAs & channel management
  • Reseller marketplace
  • QR ticket scanning
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Tools to manage online or in-person payments
  • Options to cross-sell products & offer add-ons
  • Options to sell gift cards & issue discount codes
  • Options to offer free events
  • Automated customer communications
  • Content management system
  • Affiliate codes
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Analytics from Meta and Google

Only available in Beyonk:

  • ePOS system
  • Staff & schedule management
  • Zapier integrations

Only available in BookingHound:

  • Capacity management system & waitlisting tools
  • Options to sell memberships or season tickets
  • Options to sell merchandise
  • Customer self-service portals
  • Questionnaires
  • Abandoned cart retargeting


Beyonk is available as a free plan — this allows unlimited users, events, and activities.

BookingHound (aka The Standard plan) is available for $38 per month — this includes everything in the free plan, plus integrations with waiver solutions and the other advanced features mentioned above.

This brand charges a 4% booking fee in both packages; tour operators can choose whether to cover that or pass it to the customer.

They also offer bespoke packages for enterprise and global brands.

8. TravelWorks

TravelWorks homepage: A Unique System

TravelWorks is the best Checkfront alternative for tour operators who offer multi-day experiences. You can use their platform to build out experiences — choose the duration and set the itinerary for each day — then sell experiences on your website and OTAs. They work with small teams and large travel agencies, with solutions for travel agents at all growth stages.


  • Product (“Tour”) management to build custom experiences
  • Online booking engine & reservation management
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Passenger management
  • CRM & marketing tools, to send automated emails and retarget customers
  • Staff management
  • Back-office tools with invoicing solutions & features to manage accounting processes
  • Travel agent commission management
  • Reporting tools
  • Mobile apps & tablet-friendly software version
  • Integrations & API


TravelWorks does not share pricing on their website. If you’re interested in their solution, you have to contact them for a free demo, and they’ll provide a custom quote.

Bokun is a top-rated Checkfront alternative because both platforms offer similar features and ease of use. However, our platform comes at a more affordable rate with perks like free Viator bookings and low booking fees. See how our solution can support your operations — start a 14-day free trial .

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