The Product

Products & localization

Manage all product content in one place: Text, photos & videos, map locations, categorization, etc. Translate to any language, and push changes instantly to channels and partners.

Pricing management

Manage multiple rates, currencies and offers across different channels using Bokun’s flexible pricing features.

Inventory management

Manage your resources and inventory and publish real-time availability. Create combo products by combining your products with partner products. Easily add optional add-ons to upsell and allow travelers to customize your products.

Online Booking Engine

Generate a booking website in minutes, or add mobile-friendly booking engines to any website, without any technical know-how. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Powerful API for full flexibility.

Credit card processing

Accept card payments online through a secure payment gateway, easily manage refunds and cancellations. Bokun is integrated with all the leading payment processors. Just enter your merchant details into Bokun and you’re ready to start accepting payments.

Channel Management

Distribute your products to global integrated OTA's, provide agents with a self-service log-in or sell your services directly on any website. As soon as bookings arrive, we’ll update the inventory across all channels in real-time.

Contracts & commission

Manage your commission terms and contracts with sellers and suppliers. Bokun tracks the sales and generates invoices automatically, providing you with real-time overview of your account payables and receivables.

B2B Marketplace

Every vendor in Bokun is connected via the B2B marketplace. Connect with your local or global partners and cross sell via the Marketplace.

Operations & reports

Easy access to passenger manifests, pick up lists, and customer communication. Powerful sales reports that measure the health of your business.

The Price

Affordable for all businesses.

Simple and transparent

Paid monthly

of all booking value (+tax if applicable)
  • Unlimited users, bookings, and contracts
  • Free support and training
  • No setup or installation fee
  • Never pay more monthly than $2500
For monthly revenue of  
  you pay   $10
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