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The all-in-one solution built to help you stay organised and get more bookings with thousands of connections to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Resellers & Suppliers.
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  • Start Selling in Minutes: Import products from Viator in one click & pay 0% Bókun fees on Viator bookings.

  • Never Double Book Again: Simplify availability and manage all booking channels in one place.

  • Generate More Bookings: Make your own website bookable & access 4,000+ resellers.

Trusted partners include:


Fast-track setup. Import Viator products with a single click.

Already selling on Viator? Fast-track your Bókun setup with a single-click product import. Since both Bókun and Viator are Tripadvisor companies, you can skip the setup headaches and start selling through Bókun in minutes.

First booking in 5 days

On average, Bókun users see their first booking through Viator in just 5 days after connecting.

0% Bókun Fees

Bókun waives its booking fee on Viator reservations.


Focus on guests, not spreadsheets

Pull all bookings into a central system to automatically manage availability, free you from admin and prevent double bookings so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Automate confirmations, updates, and cancellations for guests and guides. Email guests easily with Bókun's templates.

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  • Enable sales channels easily and use our pricing tools to set bespoke rates for each sales channel.

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  • Avoid double bookings with one booking calendar, a sales feed and mass closeouts.

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Sell online in minutes

Bókun’s SEO-optimised online sales tools allow you begin taking direct online bookings in minutes, growing revenue and saving you money.
  • Add a book now button on your website or create a new one with our simple no-code system.

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  • Send secure payment links to phone and email enquiries; get paid online and sync your availability.

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  • Generate additional revenue by offering customers gift cards and cancellation waivers.

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Generate more bookings

Bókun makes it easier to reach millions more travellers by increasing your connectivity partners.
  • Generate more bookings with thousands of connections to resellers & OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) in the Bókun Marketplace. Or bundle and cross-sell with other suppliers.

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  • Automatically increase or decrease prices to maximise revenue across high and low seasons.

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  • Make the most of commission-free channels like Google Things to do.

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Connect Bókun to existing systems

Get all the benefits of Bókun whilst maintaining an existing booking or ticketing system by connecting to Bókun's Channel Manager.
  • Your in-house system continues to serve as a central core resource for your business.

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  • One single API connection. No need to build and manage the modifications for multiple API connections.

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  • Connect an existing system with thousands of OTAs, resellers & suppliers via the Bókun Marketplace.

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What do Bókun users say?

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"In the first month of using Bókun I was getting four times the amount of bookings than I was before. This was truly a game changer for my business."

Dan Peterson

Tour Operator • Wake Up Reykjavík

"Even the tiniest one-person company can compete with the big guys simply by being on Bókun. They can use the platform to expand really quickly and distribute through resellers."

Ryan Connolly

Tour Operator • Hidden Iceland

"Bókun was the best solution on the market to help us with the digital transformation of our business. Without Bókun, we would have needed to hire more operations staff."

Fredy Gómez

Activities Operator • The Dolphin Company

"We made 36 connections with other tour operators. We connected with Expedia, Hellotickets, Klook, and several others, and they are working well as they are all key connections."

Giuseppe Mattiazzo

Tour Operator • Venice Tours

Powering the travel experiences industry



Products are sold using Bókun every month



Live products in Bókun



Suppliers & Resellers trust Bókun to power their business

Made in Iceland, raised by Tripadvisor, built for the world

Bókun was launched in 2012 for one reason: to bring offline experience providers online and give them the tools to not only effortlessly manage, but grow their business.

Using a system connected to Tripadvisor & Viator enables operators of all sizes to connect with the global market whilst having a culture that remains rooted in the Icelandic heritage of simplicity, stability and innovation.

Acquired by Tripadvisor in 2018 and now working with tour and experience providers in over 85 countries our mission remains the same.

The night lights of Earth

Powering users of all shapes and sizes

Tour operators
Destinations / DMOs
Ground Transport/Shuttles

Bókun for Tour Operators

Tour operators from around the world trust Bókun to run their business due to our wide feature set, Tripadvisor affiliation and exclusive Marketplace. All designed to help drive more revenue whilst reducing workload.

Visit Oxford Tours

Bókun for Attractions

Attraction companies can manage remotely with Bókun. View all of your bookings and check-in guests quickly from your phones. Send tickets and post-visit emails with ready-to-use templates. Set multiple price plans using price categories.

Millennium Dome Attraction

Bókun for Activities / Adventures

Activity providers can keep track of all of their bookings and connect to multiple resellers and OTAs with Bókun. Operators can also benefit from add-ons including Adventure Waivers to keep operations running smoothly and Adventure Photos to increase average order value.

Thames Rockets Activity in London

Bókun for Rental Providers

Manage inventory of your rentals with Bókun. Assign rentals to experience bookings, view available equipment and manage mass close-outs when running safety checks or cleaning. Create adventure waivers easily to give you peace of mind.

Two women renting a kayak

Bókun for Destinations / DMOs

Reach more travellers and grow tourism in your region by encouraging suppliers to connect and sell with Bókun’s Marketplace and global OTA connections. Collaborate with local businesses to create new bundle products driving more traveller bookings.

Use Bokun to connect with DMOs and Tourism Boards

Bókun for Ground Transport providers

Make the most of transportation spaces with efficient booking management. Set your desired pick-up and drop-off points as well as various pricing categories based on location. Grow your bookings by partnering with suppliers and resellers in the Marketplace.

Shuttle in Iceland

Bókun for Resellers

Resellers can grow their product offerings with thousands of suppliers in the Marketplace. Thousands of contracts are created monthly between suppliers and resellers.

Resellers and suppliers can grow bookings with Bokun

Grow with Confidence. Support when you need it

The Bókun Team is here to support you in your growth journey. Contact our dedicated customer support team via live chat or access our Help Center overflowing with helpful resources, step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting tips.


Logo's of all of Bókun's payment providers

Integrations with major payment providers

With integrations with major payment providers including PayPal, Stripe & Braintree you can start accepting payments from more customers.

Discover stories from Bókun users

We partner with businesses of all sizes, across the globe, to help them streamline their operations and grow their bookings.
Railbiking in Greece

Railbiking in Greece doubled their bookings within a year with Bókun.

Venice Tours

Venice Tours achieved 400% revenue increase through the Bókun Marketplace.