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Case Studies

Naviera Nortour

How Naviera Nortour digitised their business with Bókun.

Charlotte Gannon • May 7, 2024

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About the Operator

Naviera Nortour is a local family business providing ferry services and maritime excursion activities around Lobos Island in Canary Islands, Spain. 

For more than 30 years, they have delivered a unique experience of quality and high culture value, even winning them a recognition of “Commitment to Tourism Quality” by SICTED in 2017.

Addressing Naviera Nortour Booking Challenges

While providing quality experiences to their travellers, the team had also been looking at digital transformation of their business in recent years. With the second generation at the helm they saw the need to improve, to grow online and to manage their operations more efficiently. 

They were on a search for a tool to help in this digital transformation and decided on Bókun for its focus on experiences and flexibility for their changing business needs.

Introducing a Seamless Implementation

For the operator, Bókun is simple to start using, but at the same time, there are many other features and opportunities that they are excited to explore to grow their business. 

A year into using the software, the team now manages their inventory and bookings everyday with ease and accuracy. 

They have also connected with the likes of Viator and Civitatis through the Bókun Marketplace to sell their experiences to even more travellers. And in the near future, they want to grow their connections with local suppliers and resellers on the Marketplace to promote the destinations even more!

“For us, Bókun is one of the main tools that we use every day. Bókun is adaptable to our business needs, and we believe Bókun will continue to improve as our business grows” – Karin Pérez, Communication, Corporation Identity and Tourist Quality Manager.

Results and Benefits

Today, Bókun has become an integral part of Naviera Nortour’s day-to-day operation akin to “a very important member of the team” according to Karin Pérez, Communication, Corporation Identity and Tourist Quality Manager.

With all of their sales channels connected via Bókun, they can maximise their bookings without risk of overselling.


Navier Nortour is now in a favourable position to adapt swiftly to changing needs thanks to their digital adoptions and transformation. As a result their sales have surpassed that of 2019 and they are ready to grow even more with Bókun for the next 30 years and more!