We have just released a new feature to take the hard work out of mass updates and unplanned changes to tours, saving time and allowing operators to focus on growing their business.

Departure management is a powerful tool that allows operators to disrupt entire tour bookings at once and keep customers informed of changes. It includes mass mail, disruption management, customer portals and mass cancellation – all within the Bókun booking calendar.

What is Departure Management?

Departure Management is designed to assist operators when the elements are working against them. When unforeseen events – such as poor weather or a guide being unavailable – result in changes to a booking, it can be time-consuming to manually update travellers.

The Departure Management feature allows Bókun users to make changes en masse resulting in quicker updates and a better experience for the customer. The feature can be used for smaller updates such as pick-up point changes, or larger changes such as a booking cancellation.


What does Departure Management Include?

Mass Mail

Keeping customers informed throughout the booking and experience process is important to avoid last minute cancellations or no-shows. If plans change, sending individual emails can be a headache for operators. 

Mass mail takes the hard work out of customer communications. Bókun users no longer have to write separate emails to each traveller – they can email all customers associated with a booking at once. 

New emails can be created for a unique situation or select email templates for common occurrences, such as pick-up point information. All of the passengers for a booking can be selected and sent an email in a few clicks. It really is that easy!

Disruption Management and Customer Portal 

We know that managing bookings when an unforeseen event occurs can be stressful and time consuming. While cancelling a booking is never a fun task, disruption management makes sure that operators are able to handle bookings as smoothly as possible. 

Disruption Management allows operators to disrupt and close out departures quickly from their booking calendar. All affected customers can be contacted and given the option to manage their own booking in the Customer Portal, saving valuable time for operators. 

Bókun users can now disrupt a departure they need to cancel, offering their customers the ability to reschedule or cancel and request a refund (depending on their payment provider). 

Customers can access their own customer portal to reschedule their booking for a different date and time; or cancel and request a refund. Travellers can also access their invoice and download their tickets. 


Mass Cancellation

We’ve reduced the steps required to cancel a booking with Mass Cancellation. Mass cancellation is designed to be used when it is not feasible to offer an alternative date or time. For example if an extreme weather event or natural disaster has occurred, or the supplier doesn’t have any other slots available due to being fully booked until the end of the season.

Bókun users are now able to select the bookings that are affected from their booking calendar and choose to cancel the departure and issue refunds; this will also close out the departure to prevent any new bookings. Refunds are issued automatically or manually by the supplier, subject to their payment provider.

Finally, Bókun users can create a new email or choose one from their templates to send customers mass communication informing them of the cancellation.


How to Use Departure Management in Bókun

If you’re a Bókun customer, all of the tools under Departure Management can be accessed easily within the Bókun platform. Simply navigate to Bookings → Calendar and select the booking slot you would like to amend. Follow the pop-up steps to complete your action(s) without having to navigate away from the page.

If you would like any more information on how to use Departure Management you can head to our Help Desk for a step-by-step guide.

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