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What can you do when industry conferences and events are not happening?

The Bókun Team • August 27, 2021

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Arival Orlando’s been rescheduled, ITB Berlin isn’t until next year, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for WTM in London this November. This is a bummer for people like us who don’t only work in the tourism industry but also love to travel. It’s not just about the fun we have at these events (oh, we definitely miss that too!), but also business opportunities that come out from meeting friends and colleagues from the industry.

So we asked our customers what they have been doing to make up for that, and here are some ideas to help you do the same!

New Possibilities with Current Partners

Offer your resellers the new tour or activity that you’ve created in recent months. Likewise, look for products that your suppliers have added to their portfolio, resell them for a little extra revenue. And maybe even build a new combo package together!

Dig Out Those Old Business Cards

Comb through the contacts you made in the past and send them a hello. Everyone likes to stay in touch – you don’t need an event for that to happen, right? And who knows, you might get some fruitful conversations out of this!

Knock on New Doors

You could choose to do this very literally by going around your neighbourhood, or find new partners online. Unlike reaching out to those whom you already know, this definitely requires more effort. But at the same time, it may open new doors (pun intended) for you.

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