Unlocking new global opportunities for Trip.com through Bókun’s largest B2B Marketplace

Trip.com, a leading global travel services provider, has chosen to partner with Bókun as one of its trusted partners for accessing essential supply to resell globally. This move marks a positive step in the travel industry, highlighting the commitment of both companies to enhance the travel experience for a worldwide audience.

Bókun’s Marketplace: A gateway to global reselling success

At the core of this partnership lies Bókun’s innovative Marketplace, opening new doors for Trip.com as a reseller. Bókun’s Marketplace serves as a central hub where travel businesses can seamlessly access, connect with, and resell a vast catalogue of travel products and services from suppliers worldwide.

Trip.com’s decision to collaborate with Bókun underscores its commitment to expanding its reach and enhancing the quality of travel services offered to a global audience.

“Bókun’s mission is to help tour and activity businesses around the world streamline operations and drive more bookings. As part of this mission, one of Bókun’s key objectives is to also connect our industry.” Bókun’s Director of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships Peter Saxby said. “By uniting great suppliers with leading resellers, such as Trip.com, within the Bókun Marketplace, we’re enhancing our efforts to boost online bookings for the tours and activities sector, ensuring travellers have access to the best quality tours.”

Trip.com: Expanding horizons for travel enthusiasts worldwide

Trip.com, now available in 24 languages across 39 countries and regions in 35 local currencies, continues to expand its horizons. With Trip.com’s unwavering commitment to ensuring world-class service, this partnership will unlock access to travellers from all corners of the globe, ensuring memorable experiences for all.

“Partnering with Bókun is a significant milestone for Trip.com. We see Bókun as a key contributor to our global supply acquisition strategy,” says Chase Liu, General Manager of Tours & Tickets, “This partnership allows us to tap into Bókun’s extensive connections and access key supply that will enhance our offerings across the world.”

A vision for mutual growth and innovation

As this partnership takes shape, Bókun and Trip.com share a mutual vision for growth. Together, they aim to enhance the travel industry, making it more accessible for travel businesses to acquire, resell, and deliver exceptional travel experiences.

About Bókun

Bókun is Tripadvisor’s leading booking management technology and reservation software built specifically for tours, activities, and attractions operators in the travel industry. It’s a booking engine, inventory manager, channel manager, multi-currency price management tool, website builder, and more—all rolled into one!

Founded in Iceland, Bókun has been growing fast beyond domestic borders among experience and activity operators and sellers of all sizes. Tens of thousands of companies around the world use Bókun today to grow and simplify distribution, while improving the shopping experience for travellers.

From local operators to Fortune 500 companies, Bókun continues to provide effective technical solutions to the booming global tourism industry.

About Trip.com

Trip.com is an international one-stop travel service provider, available in 24 languages across 39 countries and regions in 35 local currencies. Trip.com has an extensive hotel and flight network consisting of more than 1.2 million hotels and flights from over 510 airlines covering 3,400 airports in 220 countries and regions around the globe. Trip.com’s world-class 24/7 multilingual customer service, as well as additional center’s in Edinburgh, Tokyo and Seoul, help to ‘create the best travel experience’ for its millions of customers worldwide. To book your next trip, visit trip.com.