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Selling to an international crowd with Bókun

The Bókun Team • June 1, 2022

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If you’re looking to grow in the tourism industry, chances are you’d want to have a mix of not just domestic, but also inbound interest for your products and services. And that includes international travellers that you have to cater for, starting from language.

In fact, as international tourism grew 130% in January 2022 , with Europe and the Americas growing the quickest at this time, it might be time to get ready for travellers from other parts of the world again. In a 2016 research survey, travellers named a fear of potential language barriers (26%) as their second most given reason for travel anxiety.

Attracting an international crowd starts with having your products in the language of your potential customers. You can have a tour guide who speaks the language, but in order to sell it, you’ll first need to have your products marketed in the language to get your customers booking!

That’s where Bókun can help. As our tour operators connect with distribution partners or sell on their websites and reach travellers around the world, we want to also give you the tools you need to grow your business globally – now in the language you need.

Translating my tours with Bókun

Before you start translating your tours into all of the world’s languages, it’s best to prioritize. Find out which countries do most of your current (or even upcoming) customers come from. Check your data e.g. with Facebook or Google Analytics from time to time and keep an eye on who is looking at your tours. Are they from your own country? Do they maybe speak another language?

If you’re selling on your website, you might want to consider creating a separate page for another language or to toggle between languages for your web visitors to easily browse through and book with you.

On the backend of Bókun, you can simply choose to translate your product content into 34 different languages with our machine translation or do it yourself manually. This localises the shopping experience depending on where your customers are, and coupled with Bókun’s booking engine, this can help you sell better even on your own website!

As you look to expand your business, you don’t have to limit your potential customer base to a particular country or language. Sell globally with Bókun Pro today.

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