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Secure your online bookings with Enhanced Refund Terms

The Bókun Team • September 18, 2020

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Safeguard yourself and your travelers against future cancellations

Travelers are seeking more flexible booking terms. At the same time, tour operators look to protect their businesses even more. With Bókun’s new Enhanced Refund Terms, you can offer that to your customers without compromising your business revenue.

Enhanced Refund Terms is an optional extra for your customers when they book your tours and activities on your website. They will be eligible for upgraded refund terms in the event that they miss their bookings due to reasons outside of their control. Administered by our global partner Protect Group, these terms cover a wide set of unforeseen circumstances. It’s a simple step to opt-in , but the benefits can be great.

Even before the recent events, industry players have been pivoting to flexible cancellation, and this will continue to be a focus . Online travel agencies offer free cancellation to entice travelers to book early . And now you can do the same with Enhanced Refund Terms for your direct online bookings.

More importantly now, give your cautious customers that extra peace of mind and confidence as they book on your website. At the same time, protect your business from unforeseen last-minute cancellations and revenue loss.

Log in to your Bókun account and offer Enhanced Refund Terms on all your online bookings today.

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