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Top-of-mind for travelers post-COVID

The Bókun Team • June 23, 2020

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Prepare your business to meet new travel needs

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard many positive news about market reopenings and signs of travel returning. Your customers are raring to go out and experience a destination again, with 63% already planning and researching their potential trip according to a recent survey of Tripadvisor travelers. But are things going to return to where they were before? Would it be a simple pick-up-from-where-it-left-off? The answer is a resounding no.

While your customers are excited to travel again, it comes with a whole new set of considerations before they book a trip. For instance, they’d want to avoid COVID hot spots and crowded places, preferring destinations that follow strict health and safety protocols. Even the type of travel, the flexibility in terms of booking and cancellation, as well as booking methods are some areas of tourism that could change overnight, based on a whitepaper conducted by Tripadvisor .



Travel after the pandemic will definitely look different for all sectors of the industry. Airlines have put in place enhanced hygiene measures and cancellation/refund policy. Hotels have looked into contactless service and cleaning robots as precautions. And as tours and activities operators, it’s time for you to adapt to meet the new travel needs too.

We’ve listed a few action items in our earlier post that you can add to your to-do list. This includes arming your team with protective equipment, implementing a cleaning and disinfecting policy, and even adjusting your business operations accordingly. Read more for a full checklist .

As you have those measures in place, do not forget to communicate that with your customers and give them a peace of mind when booking with you. Update your Bókun account with all of the new changes and information.

  • Product description : When potential customers are researching and comparison shopping, you need to help them feel confident and safe about your business. Use your product descriptions to add details about safety measures you have in place.
  • Availability : The benefit of using Bókun is you only need to update your availability in one place — your Bókun account. But that means it is crucial that the availability listed in your Bókun account is accurate. It will be reflected across everywhere you’re connected to and selling, be that OTAs like Viator or Expedia or your website.
  • Pricing : If you are amending your products to be private tours, you may want to consider adjusting pricing accordingly.
  • Capacity : Make sure to factor social distancing and other local requirements into your capacity allowance.
  • Cancellation policy : Travelers will look for a more flexible cancellation/refund policy before they book, so consider modifying that accordingly.

Tours and activities operators may now have the added responsibility to ensure your travelers obey local public health requirements. But if done right, this would be an opportunity for you to bring back your customers again.