Bókun continues its mission to connect more travellers to great tours and experiences through its new partnership with Johku

Johku has chosen to partner with Bókun to provide Johku’s 2,400 registered merchants with access to the reservation tech’s B2B marketplace for tour and activity operators. Johku provides operators with the services to sell their products and monitor their business developments. Through this partnership Johku operators will be able to maximise their selling opportunities and simplify their distribution through the Bókun marketplace of thousands of suppliers and resellers.

Distribution is at the core of the partnership, with Finnish operators gaining access to a network of local, regional and global resellers, as well as major OTAs, helping them to connect with more customers than ever before.

How to Connect to Bókun as a Johku Operator

Johku operators who choose to use the Bókun marketplace will be able to source partners based on location, type of operators (supplier or reseller) and contract status. Operators will navigate through to the Discovery page and find a display of recommended resellers based on location and product categories as well as options to search.

Once the connection is made, Johku operators can send contract proposals to anyone in the marketplace. Resellers will then book products through their Bókun account or an online booking engine.

Bókun is able to track and confirm product availability on multiple selling channels and make automatic amendments to ensure that the operator is never left with overbookings.

Operators will be able to keep track of their bookings with multiple reports available in both Bókun and Johku.

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About Bókun

Bókun was acquired by Tripadvisor in 2018 and is their leading booking management technology and reservation software built specifically for tours, activities, and attractions operators in the travel industry. With operators in over 80 countries, Bókun has positioned itself in the centre of the tours and activity sector.

Founded in Iceland, Bókun has been growing fast beyond domestic borders among experience and activity operators and sellers of all sizes. Tens of thousands of companies around the world use Bókun today to grow and simplify distribution, while improving the shopping experience for travellers.

From local operators to global OTAs, the Bókun marketplace is leading the industry in connecting travellers to memorable experiences.

About Johku

Johku is the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in the Finnish travel industry with over 2400 active travel products. Its support for all product types, coupled with a vast array of features, makes Johku a competitive choice for numerous travel companies. When combined with the comprehensive features of Bókun, Johku becomes an exceptional choice for any activity-based company looking to expand their business.