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GetYourGuide and you: Why you should connect Bókun to your GetYourGuide account

The Bókun Team • May 17, 2022

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Bókun works with a variety of sales channels, including major online travel agencies (OTAs) around the world and in the region. We touched on Bókun’s con nec tion with leading OTA Viator previously, and today, we put the limelight on another of our tour operators’ favorite OTA partner, GetYourGuide!

Based in Berlin with more than 64,000 activities in over 150 countries, GetYourGuide is easily one of the top OTAs worldwide that travellers go to and discover things to do in a destination.

Not only that, tour operators listing their tours and activities on OTAs like GetYourGuide can capture new audiences, leverage on their marketing efforts, and rely on their back-office support (in exchange for a OTA fee). So if you’re looking to expand your reach and grow bookings, adding OTAs to your distribution network mix can be a great business strategy.

Check out this recorded webinar with GetYourGuide to learn more!  

Once you’re listed with GetYourGuide, here’s where Bókun comes in to make your life much easier.

Why use Bókun with GetYourGuide?

Bókun is proud to be named GetYourGuide’s Advanced Connectivity Partner with our strong integration to enable tour operators like you:

  • Be in front of a global audience with accurate availability ready for booking anytime – With over 8.6 million web visitors last month, you’d want to convert them into paying customers as much as possible! Bókun’s integration ensures that GetYourGuide can retrieve your availability in real-time to allow for instant booking and avoid double-booking errors.
  • Make connections seamlessly and get more sales – Sell to travellers who are searching on GetYourGuide website, their mobile apps and also their network of partners! Update and manage availability from Bókun to be reflected accurately regardless where the customer is booking.
  • Be as flexible as you need it – Bókun ensures live availability, which in turn allows you to sell up till the last minute with as little cut-off time as possible and maximise booking potential. At the same time, as you manage all of your bookings and trip planning in Bókun, you can adopt a flexible cancellation policy on GetYourGuide to give customers the confidence to book (and rebook) without overloading your workflow.
  • Optimise your business and be more successful – Manage your business from within Bókun regardless where you sell, and track the overall performance with Bókun reporting. Concurrently, this frees up time for you to use data insights from GetYourGuide, their promotional efforts and customer support to improve your products and sell better.

So if you’re already listing with GetYourGuide, take the next step to connect with Bókun to make your business even better!

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How to connect Bókun and GetYourGuide

Setting up your Bókun and GetYourGuide connection will take a short while on both ends to ensure the correct mapping, but once you’re done, you’re all set to get your availability and future bookings synced!

To start your integration, you’ll need active products in your Bókun and your GetYourGuide accounts. Initiate the GetYourGuide connection on Bókun, and then head over to GetYourGuide to complete the integration with our step-by-step self-mapping guide here!

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