With the 2023 Holiday season projected to drive $1.3 Trillion in sales and Bókun customers seeing a 37% increase in bookings over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, now is time to ensure you are ready to make the most out of the increased customer demand.

At Bókun we assist our customers to benefit from this increased demand in a number of quick and simple ways, leaving you to focus on what you do best, promoting and selling unforgettable trips and experiences, with the rest up to us.

So let’s start exploring our top tips for increasing your chances of a successful Q4 period below…

Capture bookings from the 69% that abandon carts

The holiday season brings customers back to your brand more so than any other time throughout the year; Optimove research discovered customers are twice as likely to return to purchase during Black Friday week.

Bókun PRO reduces the amount of ‘almost bookings’ your company experiences thanks to triggered cart abandonment notifications . According to common shopping cart abandonment stats an average of 69% of all carts are abandoned; meaning unless you are proactively contacting these abandoning customers you could be missing out on a significant share of bookings.

Bókun users can solve this by turning on triggered cart notifications which automatically send to customers who abandon a checkout cart. These are typically opened at a rate of 44% with 30% of these later leading to a purchase allowing hands-free additional bookings at no extra cost.

Tip: pairing cart abandonment notifications with a customer incentive such as a promo code can increase your chances of conversion.


Drive Higher Sales with Personalised Promo Codes

Once you have your customers’ attention it’s time to focus on conversion.

Industry research identifies that one of the main reasons behind cart abandonment is price. To avoid sweeping price reductions that can negatively impact your bottom line, promotional codes and pricing schedules can be a great way to entice customers to convert.

Targeted Promo Codes are a major incentive available to tour and experience operators with 93% of consumers more likely to make a purchase when offered a coupon or discount code .

Once you’ve set up your promo codes you can easily monitor their usage with Bókun’s reporting capabilities.

Another option is using the Bókun Pricing Schedules that allow you to set different pricing on specific dates, weekdays or times. This helps you to avoid time-consuming operational changes and large-scale price reductions.

Generate Additional Revenue with Gift Cards

Gift cards are the number one requested gift during the holidays. Fortunately, gift cards sit extremely well within the tours and experience sector. Gift cards help you to fulfill your value proposition to your customers; as well as widening your customer pool at a later date.

According to Town & City Gift Cards this holiday season will see a switch to more ‘useful’ gifting with 89% intending to buy at least one gift card this Christmas season.

Bókun PRO has dedicated features to help you create and monitor gift card purchases. The function allows you to choose between cash-value or experience based gift cards depending on your current sales strategy.


More Revenue, Less Work with Post-Checkout Upsells

Upsell and cross-sell options are fundamental to capitalising on revenue from customers who are already engaged with your brand.

With Bókun PRO you can upsell your own experiences and experiences from other suppliers when you choose to connect with them via the marketplace; helping to increase your average order value (AOV) as well as creating a sense of customer loyalty. Hubspot found that up to 30% of a businesses total revenue comes from upselling and cross-selling.

Preparing for the New Year

Once you’re confident with your Q4 sales strategy it’s time to ensure you are ready to springboard into a successful 2024. To ensure you are ready to capitalise on the New Year interest it’s important to update your future availability .

Simply log in for an overview of your products availability and add future availability allowing customers to book your experiences as far out as possible.

The Round-Up

The holiday season is a crucial time for tour and experience operators to engage with new and lapsed customers in order to boost revenue for a successful end-of-year performance. Black Friday and the Holiday Season is the perfect time to convert long-time interested customers into sales using the variety of tools that Bókun has enabled for users.

To learn more about the ways Bókun can assist you and increase your revenue over the holidays log in or sign up for your 14-day FREE trial .