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Case Studies

The Dolphin Company

By using Bókun, The Dolphin Company avoided the need to hire additional staff.

Charlotte Gannon • May 7, 2024

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About the Operator

Started on the Mexican island of Isla Mujeres decades ago, The Dolphin Company has grown into the largest collection of water parks in Latin America and the number one dolphin experience company in the world.  They provide many unforgettable experiences to their travellers thanks to their certified marine mammal specialists. Today, their operations span across multiple brands in eight countries and two continents, with plans of expanding into more destinations in the coming years.

Addressing The Dolphin Company’s Booking Challenges

Despite the scale of operations, their Affiliates/OTAs team had been accustomed to managing their varied businesses manually. They put their focus on developing sales channels, and day-to-day inventory management of their free sale products was not necessary. 

This changed overnight with the pandemic. Last-minute cancellations, limited availability and revised operating hours became the new normal and turned into a daily challenge for the 5-person team. 

It was an opportune moment that the team was already in the market looking for a reservation software to deliver what they wanted: an easy way to connect with sales partners and to make product adjustments centrally all in one place.

“As our business grew, we needed a tool to help us scale. We investigated many different options and Bókun was the best solution on the market to help us with the digital transformation of our business. Without Bókun, we would have needed to hire more operations staff.” – Fredy Gómez, Corporate Carribean Sales Manager

Introducing a Seamless Implementation

Aside from managing sales channels and operations, Bókun proves to be a good solution for the Affiliate and OTA team due to: 

  • Price
  • Easy of use and implementation
  • Spanish-speaking support agents
  • 24/7 customer support chat


The operator now uses Bókun to manage inventory of their Americas destinations and sell with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) through the Bókun Marketplace and strong API integrations. 

They can now ensure travellers get real-time accurate information to book with confidence and they can do this without overwhelming their internal team. 

Partnering with Bókun has made it easier to work with many of their OTA connections who are learning towards software-connected operators. Moving forward the team is excited to explore new opportunities where Bókun can help them grow even more, from managing the rest of their destinations to finding new sales partners. 

The Dolphin Company is a strong advocate of Bókun’s software for small online operators and agencies who can potentially grow with them – to get online, connect and manage bookings easily.