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8 Fascinating Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Tours & Activities Operators Win BIG in the New Normal

The Bókun Team • July 22, 2020

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A multinational business, First Page Digital has established a global footprint with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, North America and the Middle East. Their global team is united by a steadfast commitment to their work in the digital space.

Let’s face it – 2020 was anything but smooth-sailing. But with the gradual ease of travel bans and health measures, it looks like things in the tourism industry are finally starting to pick up again .

Over the past couple of months, the demand for digital marketing has soared like never before. Since many businesses had to temporarily halt offline and in-store operations, several have ventured into digital marketing where they engage with users online to grow brand awareness and connect with their target audience.

Now, we know what you must be thinking…

“Our services and activities are offline and cater to tourists, are there any opportunities for my travel company online?”

“Since fewer people are travelling, is it worthwhile for me to think about restructuring my marketing strategies at this point in time?”

Well, hold your horses because here are 3 facts about digital marketing that are sure to change your mind:

  • Digital marketing isn’t as costly as you think it is because there are many ways you can gain more brand awareness without forking out a hefty sum (eg. Search Engine Optimisation)
  • There are no transnational boundaries as the internet is not bounded by geographical constraints. You can reach anyone, anywhere, and anytime
  • Thanks to analytical tools online, you can easily track your campaigns’ progress . By finding out what works and what doesn’t, you can make the necessary changes with just the click of a mouse

Digital usage has ballooned significantly ever since lockdowns and work-from-home (WFH) measures were announced. But we can expect these consumer behaviours to continue in the new normal.


What Exactly is The 'New Normal'?

If you browse the news, you might come across the phrase ‘new normal’, but how should we perceive consumer behaviour in this ‘new normal’?

Perhaps one of the biggest characteristics is accelerating digital usage due to WFH business plans. Simultaneously, many are turning to the internet for entertainment and leisure since they are choosing to stay at home.

As travel restrictions are gradually being lifted, holidaymakers and business travellers would likely be using this time for online research to make tentative travel plans.

In other words, your target audience is probably looking for travel inspiration online during this period to plan ahead. And digital marketing is what’s going to help you drive more business.

Why Digital Marketing Rocks

Context aside, there are endless advantages to going digital. Here are 8 of the biggest ones.

Online Marketing Gets Your Business Noticed on Search Engines

With people staying at home, they would probably be turning to search engines like Google, Bing and Baidu for tourist information and travel content. That’s where your business needs to be.

With a robust digital marketing strategy, you could get your website to show up on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for various travel-related search queries.

Digital marketing on search engines is a lot more effective than traditional marketing because users have a search intent and they would be on the lookout for certain information or services when they type in a search query.

Start by finding a hosting platform and create your very own website. If you are a tours and activities operator, you could consider the Bókun website builder , as this platform was designed specifically for businesses in the travel and tourism sectors.

It Lets You Reach the Right Target Audience

Cold marketing tactics might help you spread the word about your services, but they could be ineffective if they do not reach the correct audience.

Thanks to targeting functions on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can easily filter through a teeming user base and single out groups that would find value in your services. This way, you ensure your ads reach travellers who could become potential customers.

Digital Marketing is More Cost-Effective

In getting your ads to the right audience, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to drive conversions. By building a loyal customer base, you reduce the risks of losing out to your competitors.

It Enables You to Engage with Your Customers

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about venturing into digital marketing is that you get to engage with your audience.

Even though most offline tourist activities like day tours have been temporarily halted, you can still interact with your customers online. Getting connected and showing them that you care allows you to enhance the overall customer experience.

You Can Make Prompt Fixes Anywhere, Anytime

Spotted a typo in your website header? No worries, you can easily fix that in a jiffy.

As long as you have Wi-Fi, you can amend any faults or errors on your website from your desktop or even your mobile phone.

Speaking of mobile phones…

It Makes Information More Accessible

Did you know that there are more mobile phones in the world than people today?

Accessibility is one of the most tantamount advantages of digital marketing. Venturing into the digital space allows you to reach both desktop and mobile users easily.

Build Trust with Online Reviews

How likely are you to trust a tour agency that you have never heard of without getting some reviews from other customers first

The answer is probably: unlikely.

These days, business reviews are becoming more and more influential in a customer’s purchasing decision. As the tourism industry slowly begins picking up speed, you need to have these testimonials ready.

Plainly put, buyers trust other buyers. Indirectly, reviews help you build more business credibility.

What’s even better is that reviews optimise your Google My Business listing and boost visibility on search engines.

There are Opportunities for all Businesses

Whether you are leading the charge for your own one-man business, a small tour agency, or an enterprise, the digital space presents endless opportunities for all to grow and prosper.

How to Get Started

Doesn’t the digital space sound exciting?

Getting started is quite simple. All you need is a website and a marketing strategy based on your business objectives.

Then again, if you need a helping hand to get started, why not consider collaborating with a digital marketing agency?

Sometimes letting the experts guide you as you navigate your way through uncharted waters can save you the hassle of learning and executing marketing campaigns yourself.

One agency you could reach out to is First Page Digital . With more than 300 digital experts internationally, the remarkable end-to-end digital marketing agency provides a full suite of B2B solutions for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.