The innate urge to search for new and unique experiences is one of the biggest trends among travellers in 2024, with 89% admitting that they want to visit a destination they have never been to.

However, in the wake of social media, it feels like no stone has been left unturned, being showcased online and coined as a “hidden gem” for either TikTok, Instagram or YouTube. Currently, more than 180,000 posts exist under the tag #HiddenGem on TikTok.

Whilst the TikTok tag is helping to bring attention to some of the lesser-travelled destinations, it can often be hard for travellers to plan an entire trip around a single viral video. To help travellers make the jump from their phones to the real world, Bókun is sharing the best localised hidden gems worldwide based on real consumer reviews.

The study analysed over 1,000 destinations on Tripadvisor, where consumers referred to a location as a ‘hidden gem’ to reveal what and where these secret travel gems are around the world.

England revealed as the world’s biggest hidden gem hoarder

Image showing number of votes per hidden gem


The public has spoken. According to travellers worldwide, England is the country with the most hidden gems, claiming over 33% of the world’s hidden wonders in the study. The United States ranked second, occupying 31% of the world’s hidden gems, followed by Ireland (6%) , Scotland (4%), Italy (3%) and Spain (2%).

When analysing the data, it was also apparent that one type of location was coined a “hidden gem” the most – gardens . Worldwide, locations categorised as “gardens” made up 14% of the world’s hidden gem locations, followed by speciality museums (12%), historic sites (11%), history museums (7%) and architectural buildings (6%).

Among all of these hidden gems, there were some stand-out locations…

Animated image showing table with each country and the number of votes.


Of all worldwide locations, Manchester’s St Mary’s Church is crowned the world’s best hidden gem! In total, 49% of reviews remarked that this architectural building was a local wonder, making it the most notable hidden gem in the world.

Another notable location at the top of England’s hidden gems is the Time Trap Museum in Grimsby ?! While it may not be the white sand beach spot you might expect, the reviews speak for themselves, as 25% of the reviews coined it a local “hidden gem”.

Across the pond in the United States, the best-hidden gems were found to be the Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens in Punta Gorda, Florida, followed by the Franklin Auto Museum in Tucson, Arizona, a speciality museum referred to as a “hidden gem for car lovers.”

Ireland is known for its castles, so it’s only fitting that its top hidden gem is Drimnagh Castle , which 19% of reviews called a hidden gem in Dublin. Followed by the stunning Kilfane Waterfall and Glen in Thomastown.

Expanding beyond the English-speaking language, Spain’s biggest hidden gem was an ancient ruin in Barcelona, the MUHBA Temple d’August. Meanwhile, Italy’s standout hidden gem was Bagni Regina Giovanna – a beach located in Sorrento and had reviews calling this hidden gem “a piece of paradise on earth”.

The Best Local Tours Uncovering Hidden Gems Worldwide

Localised tours, led by experts, offer a unique chance to explore a destination’s essence. With most tourists typically only visiting a destination once, making the most of the time away is crucial. Among the tours analysed through Tripadvisor, walking, sightseeing, distillery, railway, and wine tours were the tours some of the most commonly coined ‘hidden gems’.

With rave reviews, Liverpool’s Old Dock Tour ranks number one as the tour, with most travellers calling it a ‘hidden gem’ worldwide. It showcases the city’s rich cultural heritage. Built in 1715, it was the world’s first enclosed commercial wet dock, handling 40% of global trade by the 19th Century. The tour delves into the city’s name, origins, and significance.

Other notable tours inside the top ten worldwide include Amsterdam’s Wynand Fockink Distillery Tour (#6), offering a leisurely exploration of local drinks, and Gustavo Faro (#7), a Rio de Janeiro tour guide known for his personalised approach and local expertise.

The Best Hidden Gems Found Locally in the UK

Ardencraig manor house


The United Kingdom has a rich tapestry of history and culture dating back thousands of years. Our research found that England was home to 81% of the country’s hidden gems. Meanwhile, Scotland was found to be home to 10% of the country’s hidden gems, Wales had 6%, and Northern Ireland had 3%.

Topping the list for Scotland was the Ardencraig Gardens in Rothesay, with 17% of reviews calling it a hidden gem. Wales’ hidden wonder was revealed to be the Insole Court , a historic site located in Cardiff. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland’s shining gem is the War Years Remembered Museum in Ballyclare.

London and Birmingham are hidden gem hotspots in the UK

Image of Lapworth Museum of Geology


Tourists are always looking to get ahead of the curve and discover that upcoming trend that’s on the cusp of becoming popular, so we have decided to break down the best UK areas for discovering hidden gems.

With a total of 29 notable attractions, the capital city of London is the place to discover the best unique experiences—ranking at the top of UK areas. Some of the notable gems in the city included the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground , Crossrail Place Roof Garden, and God’s Own Junkyard.

Sitting alongside London as a UK hotspot for hidden gems is Birmingham , home to the iconic Pen Museum, Devon with the highly favoured Ness Beach, York with the Grade 1 listed Treasurer’s House and Edinburgh featuring the incredible Jupiter Artland sculpture park and art museum.

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Utilising Tripadvisor for our research, we analysed more than 1,000 destinations worldwide, filtering by the keyword ‘Hidden Gem’ to highlight the top locations where consumers felt they had uncovered a gem.

The data, which we categorised into its perspective sections (Gardens, Museums, Tours etc) was based on the number of reviews each destination received and subsequently assigned a percentage score.