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Show off your awesome Tripadvisor reviews to boost conversions!

The Bókun Team • February 2, 2021

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Your customers are your best advocates.

Have you ever made a purchase decision based on what others said? Well, your travellers are not any different. We are likely to be drawn to buy products with positive customer reviews, for that is social proof that those products are great. An incredible 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product .

So as an experiences operator, you can definitely use this to your advantage and grow your sales. Collecting reviews from previous customers doesn’t only give you feedback and insight into what your customers thought of your experience, but it can also help you generate new bookings.

Why? Because customer reviews can….

  • Increase trust in your business and products
  • Influence the traveller’s decision-making process
  • Potentially shorten the time to make the purchase – after all, if your friends enjoyed it, why wouldn’t you?

Get those Tripadvisor bubble ratings across all your widgets, websites and product lists to win over customers now.

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