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Product update: Navigation and marketplace enhancements

The Bókun Team • March 25, 2020

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Bókun takes on a new look, starting with Improved Navigation and Marketplace

Just like so many of you likely have been, we’ve been using the past few weeks of travel slowdown to review everything we’re doing in our business, tackle all those items that were on the bottom of our to-do lists, and really work on improving our business operations.

You may have noticed that Bókun looks a little different. We’ve taken feedback from customers like you and have begun the first phase of a redesign, in an effort to make Bókun simpler and easier to use.

What’s changed?

  • Simplified navigation, featuring the most frequently used features more prominently
  • Easier access to the Marketplace and Website Builder
  • Quicker access to create a booking
  • Improved search and filtering in the Marketplace , making it easier to find partners