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Press Release: Global tours and activities software Bókun launches Enhanced Refund Terms for customers to kickstart the tourism sector

The Bókun Team • October 23, 2020

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Reykjavík, Iceland – (October 23, 2020) – Bókun today announced the launch of Enhanced Refund Terms, an innovative new service that aims to increase traveller purchasing confidence and reduce refund processing for Bókun’s customers.

What is Enhanced Refund Terms?

Enhanced Refund Terms enables Bókun operators to offer travellers the option to upgrade their refund terms when booking tours and activities. Travellers can apply for a 100% refund any time up to their departure should they not be able to attend their tour or activity due to a wide variety of unforeseen circumstances. The program allows operators to offer their travellers peace of mind when booking, while safeguarding themselves from lost revenue due to cancellations.

The service is administered by Protect Group, a global Membership Programme which offers a variety of benefits for the Travel, Tourism, Events and Accommodation industries, and who handle the entire refund process on behalf of Bókun’s customers.

Hjalti Baldursson, co-founder and CEO of Bókun said, “We are excited to announce the launch of our Enhanced Refund Terms feature. We believe this addition will help drive direct bookings through traveler comfort and reduce the volume of refunds our customers provide. The feature also helps maximising revenue on each booking.”

Ben Lenighan, Head of Commercial at Protect Group said regarding the recent launch of the Enhanced Refund Terms, “It’s always brilliant to work with a brand like Bókun who are actively focusing on services that will protect and grow their customers’ revenues and provide the best possible experience to each traveller, particularly over the next 12 months. On average, 1 in 3 travellers are upgrading their refund terms across the tourism sector showing security is front-of-mind and therefore we see offering more flexible refund terms that are financially-safe for operators as an important feature for driving international and also domestic sales.”

Enhanced Refund Terms are now available to Bókun’s tours and activity operators, and the costs of this service are covered as a small percentage of the total booking cost.

To offer Enhanced Refund Terms to their end-customers, Bókun customers can log in to their Bókun account and offer Enhanced Refund Terms on all their online bookings today via the Refunds and Cancellations section. Find out more about Enhanced Refund Terms here .

About Bókun

Bókun is Tripadvisor’s leading booking management technology and reservation software built specifically for tours and activities operators in the travel industry. It’s a website builder, booking engine, inventory manager, channel manager, multi-currency price management tool, and more. Bókun was founded in Iceland, and helps thousands of companies around the world grow and simplify distribution, while improving the shopping experience for travelers. From local suppliers to Fortune 500 companies, Bókun continues to provide effective technical solutions to the booming global tourism industry.

About Protect Group

Protect Group is a global Membership Programme for the tourism, transport, accommodation and events industries, providing a range of services that deliver the benefits of protecting Members’ revenues, generating additional revenue streams and delivering the best experience to consumers as possible.