Product Update

The past few months we’ve been busy talking to tour operators about how to more easily manage bookings and communicate with customers. And with their help, we’ve launched some big updates to Bókun, focused on customer communications, including:

  • Manage customers better: Easily search and filter to find your customers and manage their bookings.
  • Create professional emails: Create consistent, professional emails in minutes using pre-written email templates.
  • Message the right people at the right time: Send automated or one-off emails to all of your customers, a segment, or an individual.
  • … And more!

To celebrate a product update like this, we often make videos for our colleagues on the Bókun team. But we didn’t want to keep this one to ourselves … check it out.

What’s New?

You’ll now see a “Customers” tab in the left-hand navigation in your account. Within that section, you’ll find:

  • Simple search and filter options to find every single customer in your Bókun account.
  • A customer overview where you can see an individual customer’s entire booking history, personal information, and quick actions including “send email,” “create booking,” and “edit booking.”
  • Completely new email templates, allowing you to create consistent, professional emails in minutes.
  • A new bulk emailing feature.

What’s Improved?

  • Automated Messages have gotten a massive facelift. And now you can use pre-created email templates to send automated messages to your customers.
  • Booking cards have been completely redesigned to be easier to use.

Want to see it in action?

Create consistent, professional emails using new email templates :

Set up automated messages to trigger reminders to your customers about their upcoming activities or to ask for reviews after they’ve completed their tours:

These enhanced customer communication tools are available with a Bókun Pro subscription. Learn more about Bókun Pro or start your free trial today.