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Channel Management

Reach more customers, get more bookings and automate processes to manage everything easily, all in one place. The Bókun Channel Manager is for anyone looking to connect to resellers for Tours, Activities and Attractions.
  • Grow bookings - Connect to over 27,000 trusted resellers and suppliers in the Bókun Marketplace.

  • Save time - Manage availability across all connected platforms in real time, in one place.

  • Seamless integration - Integrate any external reservation system to Bókun Channel Manager

Everyone can use the Bókun Channel Manager


Bókun PRO users

If you use Bókun as your reservation system, you have full access to our Channel Management capabilities - you can start growing your reseller network through our Marketplace today.


Suppliers with an existing reservation system

If you already use another reservation system, you can integrate to Bókun Channel Manager via a single API. You can then access our Marketplace and connect with our vast network of resellers - and continue to use your current system for daily operations.


Ticketing systems and booking softwares

You can offer your suppliers an opportunity to elevate their connected sales channels through an integration to Bókun Channel Manager via a single API connection.

The best customer support and API in the industry

"Bókun's account management team gives us all the support we need. They know us, what we do, what we need - it's a key point of the success of Bókun. Since 2022, we tried a variety of other Channel Managers - now we just work with Bókun because they're giving us a better service and a more user friendly system." (Venice Tours)

Increase brand visibility

Bókun Channel Manager can put your products in front of millions of travellers a month.

Grow your revenue

Adding just one more sales channel can triple the gross booking volume of tours, activities and attractions operators.

Open up your distribution

OTAs are growing faster than any other channel. An OTA sales strategy is more important than ever.

Grow your sales network, seamlessly manage your bookings

"An effective distribution strategy is a critical component for operators as it directly influences the accessibility and visibility of your products, and ultimately, the success of your business." (Arival, "An essential OTA checklist for experience operators", 2024)
  • Connect instantly to a wide variety of resellers with one seamless integration

  • Manage availability, rates and inventory across all resellers automatically and in real time

  • Integrate with your current booking system to access Bókun's extensive distribution network


Manage everything easily

Bókun Channel Manager lets you sell experiences on multiple channels without creating extra work. As bookings come in, your availability is updated across every platform in real time. So you never get overbooked or miss a sale.
  • Avoid double-bookings: When a traveller books your tour on one reseller site, all other sales channels will be updated automatically

  • Refresh tour availability: If a traveller cancels a booking, the slot will automatically become available for sale again on all channels

  • Handle close-outs: Close out entire tour slots in one place, all sales channels will be updated with your changes


Connect to the Bókun marketplace instantly

Bókun Channel Manager helps you grow. With one integration you can connect to our entire distribution network, including trusted global resellers. The strength of our network makes Bókun Channel Manager completely unique.
  • Sell through Viator, GYG, Klook, Tiquets, Civitatis, Headout, Musement and many more

  • Work with both global OTAs and trusted local and specialist resellers

  • Manage everything in Bókun or plug us into your own reservation system


"Bókun has been a reliable channel management platform. When I need assistance, someone from the support team is there in less than five seconds. The support team members are patient and do an excellent job at explaining something I don’t understand. Through Bokún, my company has been partnered with many wonderful resellers. The features on Bokún enable me to manage our tour products well."

Tara Scott

Channel Manager Sales Coordinator • Highland Explorer Tours

"We chose Bókun to connect live availability and pricing to agents globally. Rather than having to send regular manual updates on pricing and closeouts for availability, now it’s a seamless connection. We’ve been able to connect with agents from different countries to reach a completely different customer base which has led to huge growth."

Natalie Truman

Business Development Hub Manager • International Friends

"The development took a couple of months of work, but we saw the benefits from the connection almost right away. I don’t remember any difficulties because we received really good support from Bókun on the technical side. So it was easy, and when it was done, all our products were connected directly to the tour operators through the Bókun platform. Now when we get a new supplier, the first thing we request is that they must connect to Bókun.

We made 36 connections with other tour operators. We connected with Expedia, Hellotickets, Klook, and several others, and they are working well as they are all key connections."

Giuseppe Mattiazzo

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing • Venice Tours

"Having a great experience so far with Bokun. Jordan has been super helpful in onboarding us on the Bokun platform. Can recommend anyone to use Bokun to grow your business."

Luke Verbeek

Founder & CEO • HomeFans

All you need from a Channel Manager API integration and more

  • Ingest availability in real time

  • Take bookings with all passenger details

  • Use your own ticket codes

  • Identify sales source through a single connection

  • Multitenancy support


Channel Manager Case Studies

Discover stories from current Bókun Channel Manager customers. We partner with businesses of all sizes, across the globe, to help them streamline their operations and grow their bookings.
Venice Tours

Venice Tours achieved 400% revenue increase through the Bókun Marketplace.

Up at The O2

Bókun enables Up at The O2 to free up time to drive stronger customer experiences.

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