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Make your business more powerful with the Bókun App Store

The Bókun Team • January 18, 2021

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Discover the right apps to run and grow your business

Last year, we unveiled the Bókun App Store as an exciting new initiative for our operators as well as third-party app developers and service providers.

As an operator, you can now run and grow your business more effectively with additional tools and services built by Bókun and third-party developers. From enhancing sales channels to improving workflows and collaboration, you can do so much more for your business within your Bókun account!

As we look to add more apps to support you and your business, here are some of the tools you can get with the App Store now.

Looking to purchase a particular app? Simply go to the App Store within your Bókun account , choose the app of your liking and click ‘Install App’.

We are also open to collaboration with third-party app developers to provide a more robust suite of functionality for you. So do keep an eye out for more new apps coming your way!