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How to set up your team for collaboration in Bókun

The Bókun Team • August 3, 2022

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The most important key to success when you are a tour and activity professional is obvious: bookings. You are catering to different audiences and relying on them to book the tours or excursions you offer in order to hit sales targets, whether that is through online or offline travel bookings.

Choosing the right online booking system can sometimes be difficult. There are numerous factors you might have to consider when deciding which one best suits your needs.

Pricing, customisation capabilities, user-friendliness and how the system can align with your other business management tools are just a few that impact the final decision.

Another vital detail to consider when choosing a booking software is whether you can set up different users and enable your team to have the right access to the platform for smooth internal operations.

At least 11% of our accounts are managed by more than one user.


Why do I need different users?

Setting up your team for success is critical and here’s why:


Having a single user account means everyone will share the same login credentials, application settings and files. Every time a user leaves, you will have to change the password and log out any devices to protect your account.

Access control

Restricting access to sensitive company information to only those employees or contractors authorised to view it. Staying GDPR compliant has never been easier.

Easier access

Having different users will allow your employees to use more than one device whether they’re working remotely or in your office.

How do I set my team for success?

Personally set permissions

There are pre-defined user roles in Bókun that you can assign to your users, such as: admin, technical, driver or sales. You can also create your own personalised roles and change permissions to suit your own needs.

Users will only see the information you allow them to see in their own set time zones and languages.

Individual logins

Once you’ve set up a user, they will have their own unique login credentials. No more overlaps! – if one of your users leaves the company, then only that account would need to be deactivated.

This will also allow you to enter individual contact information for each user. Should one of your engineers or sales agents contact us with a specific query, we can directly assist them.

Track your progress

You can better track your users’ sales and other activities with the individual logins.

I might need more customisation

No worries, you can try booking areas for different agents. With our Agent app you can easily set up account and login credentials for different entities, such as: hotels that can sell your tours using an agent area with their own unique access.

Each agent area can be personalised and you will have a booking portal for each agent. This means you can only have the products you want and the price you want.



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