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How to get more bookings: Consider local hotels

The Bókun Team • May 18, 2020

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Can partnering with hotels really increase my bookings?

Do you have hotels, hostels, or guesthouses nearby or in the city where your tour and activities take place? Allowing your products to be resold by these accomodations can give you a large, untapped source of potential travelers excited to book local experiences. Ultimately, leading to an increase in revenue.

48% of travelers are booking their experiences once they’ve arrived in their destination. Travelers are seeking the advice of hotel concierges and are scrolling through the wifi portal when they arrive at their hotel. Giving a concierge service or property manager the ability to instantly book your products can be a very powerful tool.

What’s in it for the hotel?

Being able to collect commission on your products provides a great incentive for those concierge services to take advantage of the position they are in with those 48% of their guests who are looking to book a tour or activity once they’ve checked in at their hotel. Capturing that segment of travelers without the need to send them through the noise of online search engines can be a considerable advantage for increasing bookings.

Looking for ways to promote your products but don’t want to get involved in expensive marketing campaigns? Having this network of local partners can be a great option for increasing your businesses exposure on a local level with very minimal costs to you.

How can I get started?

A booking area specifically for local accommodations can be created and managed directly through your Bókun account. This unique area for your products to be booked (separate from what you sell on your own website or through OTAs) is beneficial for many reasons.

All commission between you and the accommodation is recorded within your Bókun account . No spending time manually calculating commission costs.

Already have relationships with certain hotels or guesthouses in your area?

A flexible commission structure allows you to effortlessly set different rates for the different accommodations vendors you work with.

Local partners will have access to their own booking portal. They will be able to see live availability of your products and pricing, without actually needing to sign up and create an account, allowing for a seamless booking experience for the concierge and their guests. Creating a scenario where you, the accommodation, and the travelers all win.

Read more in the Bókun helpdesk to learn the step-by-step process of how you can set this up today.