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How Monster Day Tours makes the best of the COVID downturn

The Bókun Team • May 15, 2020

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Coffee with Bókun is a series of chats where we invite our operators and partners to discuss the experiences industry, from a high level outlook for the future, down to individual business strategies.

Following our earlier chat with Hello! Tours, we sat down with TY Suen, founder and CEO of Woopa Group, for his thoughts on how they have taken a practical approach to preparing for the future travel recovery.

As their B2C arm, Monster Day Tours was on track with their goals and seeing strong growth, like many of Bókun’s operators, until the coronavirus hit. While TY and his team were no doubt disappointed having to shelf their plans, they got back on their feet quickly. In our chat, TY discusses his stage-by-stage approach, making improvements that they had put on the backburner for ages until now — from product to backend operations, and even rebranding.

He also shares the value he sees in his team (be it regular staff or freelance guides), his outlook for the travel rebound, and what opportunities you can seek now. So check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Based in Singapore, Monster Day Tours prides itself to be the #1 private and walking tour operator in the city. They focus on providing local authentic experiences, hidden gems, and exploring off-the-beaten paths in Singapore through a variety of themed tours, private customized tours, and free walking tours. Find out more at , as well as in the Bókun Marketplace .