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How Hello! Tours remains optimistic during COVID

The Bókun Team • May 14, 2020

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Coffee with Bókun is a series of chats where we invite our operators and partners to discuss the experiences industry, from a high level outlook for the future, down to individual business strategies.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we caught up with some of our operators to understand how they have been coping with the situation with little to no travel, and hopefully give you some insights for your business at this time.

For this first episode, we had a chat with Laura Blackhall, founder and CEO of Hello! Tours . With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo, Laura has felt the impact of the virus on travel, and correspondingly on her business, in one of its earlier stages. In our chat, she recognizes how terrible the situation is, yet this does not bring her and her team down. She believes firmly that travel will return, and it’s now more than ever essential to keep afloat and continue their work — in one way or another — to prepare for that recovery.

While some businesses have gone into hibernation during this period to reduce costs, Laura also shares her take and why she does not recommend doing that. She shares practical advice on what you can do to minimize your costs and keep operating at the same time, so do check out the video to learn more!

Hello! Tours is a highly-rated experiences operator specializing in private tours and small group tours in destinations including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. Combining ‘must-see sights’ with hidden gems and back streets, they offer culturally immersive explorations for travelers in those cities. Find out more at , as well as in the Bókun Marketplace .