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How Bókun can help to manage your business online

The Bókun Team • June 9, 2020

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Let’s start from the beginning, what is Bókun?

Bókun is an online booking management platform for tours and experiences operators all over the world. A Tripadvisor company, Bókun helps tens of thousands of suppliers sell their tours, activities or excursions, expand their network, and reach millions of travellers. Bókun is designed to help businesses and professionals in the travel and tours industry to increase their revenues and strengthen their brand online.

I’m a tour operator, how can Bókun help me?

Bókun is a powerful tool that allows you to sell your experiences, connect, and grow your business across multiple sales channels. These can be Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), your website, or through partnerships made in the Bókun B2B Marketplace . The Bókun Marketplace includes thousands of suppliers and resellers from across the world, allowing you to connect with all of them.

How much does Bókun cost?

Our goal is to offer a solution that fits different types of suppliers so we developed a pricing model that puts all of the powerful technology you need to start and grow your business at its forefront.

You can choose from two different plans:

  • Bókun FREE allows you to connect your Experiences to Viator & manage offline bookings.. This is a great option for someone just getting started or only looking for additional distribution.
  • The more advanced Bókun PRO gives you access to an entire suite of tools for your business. You can have unlimited users and manage your product distribution across multiple channels, OTA and reseller channels. Create a tailored booking widget to add to your sales channels or take advantage of a full booking website, hosted by Bókun, in just a few clicks.

On the Bókun PRO plan you also have the ability to further tailor your account to your specific needs with our wide range of apps. These are just as flexible as our pricing plans and can help you grow and scale your business.

Learn more about our pricing and compare plans here .

To recap, what will I be able to achieve if I sign up with Bókun?

  • Better manage your experiences and track all your bookings
  • Expand your network and connect with many travellers all over the world
  • Connect with the most popular OTAs and resell your products
  • Get connected with many other businesses like yours and start a partnership using the Bókun B2B marketplace
  • Manage bookings offline
  • Use Bókun as inventory and resource management
  • Create an Online Booking Engine to allow travellers to book directly on your website if you have one
  • Increase your business presence online by creating your own website using the Bókun website builder
  • And much more!

Still unsure? Get to know us by watching the “ Getting Started with Bokun ” webinar or contact us at