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Google Things to do: Everything tours & activities operators need to know

The Bókun Team • September 30, 2021

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Pinch us, this feels like a dream. Bókun PRO customers can now get free exposure on Google

As you may have heard , Google has just recently launched Google Things to do for tours, activities, and attractions. We are beyond excited to announce that Google asked Bókun to participate as a launch partner. We have released an integration with Google so Bókun PRO customers can promote their own website with an “Official site” callout in Google search results. Tour operators can stand out from the competition, drive direct sales to their website, and get more exposure on Google.

It is still early days. Google is actively working on and testing the rollout of Google Things to do for tours & activities. This means this feature is not live for all consumers in all locations on all devices, and some details are still in flux. But enabling Google Things to do in your Bókun PRO account will mean your business is ready to go as soon as Google is!

Here you can see an example for a Google search for the Statue of Liberty. Google users will see not just general information about the point of interest, but also booking links for purchasing tickets. In addition to attractions tickets like this, Google is starting to show information and booking links for experiences, tours, and activities in a destination.

What does this mean for operators and travelers?

What does this mean for tour operators? Tour operators can now stand out in Google search results and drive bookings to your own website. It almost sounds too good to be true, but this placement is free on Google through integration partners like Bókun.

What does this mean for travelers? Travelers searching on Google for things to do in a destination will be able to see inventory, including tours and activities, with the right amount of information at the right time. This benefits Google users by providing a complete, accurate, and timely view of in-destination activities.

Bókun PRO customers can enable Google Things to do right in their Bókun account. Learn more about the technical details of setting up your integration in this Bókun Help Center article .

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