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Give your website a refresh with these quick tips

The Bókun Team • April 6, 2020

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Now may not feel like the right time to be revamping your website, but we believe that during this time of travel slowdown, the best thing you can be doing for your business is focusing on preparing for when travelers do return. So we’ve made a quick list of tips to refresh your website during this downtime!

Update fonts so they look fresh, modern, clean

Changing a site’s font family can have a subtle but important effect, making the site look cleaner, clearer, and more modern. You can opt for a font that’s similar to your current one, or go for something that’s totally different, changing the overall look and feel of the site.

If you’re using the Bókun Website Builder , we have 100+ fonts for you to choose from — and we add new fonts every month so you can refresh your website’s look and feel!

Replace the hero image for a super quick win

Images speak volumes. Changing the hero image on your site has a huge impact on a traveler’s first impression – and it’s so easy to do. Use free stock photo websites like and to browse through thousands of high-resolution images you can download instantly.

No testimonials yet? Add them now!

Testimonials bring so much value to your site. They add credibility, build trust with your travelers, show potential travelers that you have experience, and more. If a potential traveler is selling something, there’s a huge chance that their potential clients are going to look for reviews to help them make the purchase decision.

Make this easier for your travelers by adding testimonials to the site. If you’re using the Bókun Website Builder , we can pull your reviews directly from Tripadvisor!

Add social links for a better footer

Social media is a great way to interact with your travelers. Show potential travelers your business’s dedication to customer engagement by showcasing social icons to the footer of your site.

Just because the footer is the last element on a page, that’s no reason to neglect it. To the contrary – for travelers who reach this area of the page, it’s really important. It’s where they may find what they haven’t found yet – links to other pages, contact details, and of course the social media icons.

Remember to water your website

Well, not literally. But websites are not static objects…remember to refresh them! Websites need to grow and develop. They need to change as needs change, with new images, updated blogs, refreshed fonts, and more. Updating your websites on a regular basis is good for SEO, good for your travelers, and good for you!

Don’t have a website to refresh? Use the Bókun Website Builder to get your online presence up and running today!