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Get free Viator product quality reviews (with Bókun PRO)

The Bókun Team • October 28, 2020

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Bókun continues to bring benefits to our operators, this time round with Viator! Other than building a great partner connection and self-service tool to keep your products synced across Viator and Bókun, we’re making it easier than ever for you to start selling on the leading experiences marketplace!

As you may know, Viator introduced a new quality review process to ensure listings on their platform meet their Product Quality Standards. New products will have to be submitted for review before they are listed on Viator with a $29 cost per product. But Bókun is now covering the cost for our Bókun PRO users!

Viator Quality Reviews

Did you know you can get up to 4 Viator product quality reviews for FREE? Join Bókun PRO now.

Yes, you’re reading this right! If you’ve already joined the new Bókun PRO plan, you will get up to 4 Viator products quality reviews per month free of charge – this amounts to a saving of $116!

What are the Viator Quality Standards and why are they so important?

Viator’s Product Quality Standards focus on the quality of your listing and ensure your products meet Viator’s criteria to be one of the top-notch experiences that travellers can choose from. With the quality reviews, travellers can also be assured they get accurate, up-to-date information about your listings, as well as a seamless booking experience and reliability.

From the traveller’s discovery and planning stage, through to booking and post-experience, these quality standards set your product up for success on the Viator platform.

The Viator team will review any new product you added to Viator—at a cost of $29 each—and ensure your experiences meet their quality standards.

Now Bókun PRO users can enjoy up to four free Viator new product quality reviews every month, and potentially save over a hundred bucks!

And this is on top of all the other things you can do with Bókun PRO. Build your network through our successful marketplace , sell to a global audience through our Online Travel Agencies connections, and grow your direct online revenue with an intuitive booking website . Take your business to the next level with Bókun PRO today.

Not on Bókun yet? Join us now , upgrade to PRO, and take advantage of this free product quality review on Viator!