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Everything you weren’t sure you needed to know, but are glad you found out, about Bókun Widgets

The Bókun Team • August 23, 2021

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Ever wonder what a widget is? It’s a tiny snippet of code that can be added to a website or another internet-enabled platform within the digital world. Does that definition clear it up? Still a little confused? Us too. Don’t worry; all you need to know is it’s one of the most important features within Bókun.

Bókun Pro, our premium subscription plan, offers widgets designed specifically for folks in the tourism industry that allow you to accept bookings on your website.

Already using a Bókun Widget?

It’s a game-changer, right? Scroll down to the list below to find our recent enhancements!

Running your business via emails and phone calls?

If you’re currently taking bookings via a contact form on your website and over the phone, you’re likely missing out on bookings. Adding a checkout widget to your website will mean you can accept bookings (and payments!) while you sleep.

Love your current website, but it’s incapable of accepting bookings?

If your tour business already has a great website, but it just can’t accept bookings and payments, then you’ve done almost all the work already. Yay! Now, take the next step by simply adding the “Book Now” button widget , which will turn your existing website into a new revenue source.


Facts About Bókun Widgets (And a Few Others We Really Liked!)

  • Your customers engage with Bókun Widgets during the checkout process each time they book your experiences online.
  • Bókun offers four different widget layouts .
  • Each widget displays your product details, cancellation policy, and calendar with availability and pricing.
  • The name of all continents end with the same letter it starts with.
  • You can change the color of your Widget button to any color in the hexadecimal rainbow (16,777,216 colors to be exact).
  • NEW! You can now include or hide the pricing on your availability calendar.
  • American Airlines saved $40,000 USD in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class, that’s nearly $100,000 today when factoring in inflation.
  • NEW! You can now start the widgets’ calendar week on Sunday or Monday.
  • The world’s shortest commercial flight is just two miles and has a record speed of 53 seconds.
  • NEW! You can now choose whether or not your customers automatically view the promo and gift card fields when checking out.

Add an online booking widget to your site today .

Booking widgets are available with a Bókun Pro subscription. Learn more about Bókun Pro or start your free trial .