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Don’t miss a thing, sync your bookings to your Google Calendar for free

The Bókun Team • February 4, 2021

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Keep your booking and team schedules organized with Google Calendar Sync app

Google Calendar is a shareable calendar service commonly used to schedule meetings and events with others as well as receive reminders on upcoming activities.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to manage your bookings and to do it well. After all, you don’t want to miss your customer’s booking or double-book your staff for the day right?

If you’re currently using Google Calendar to manage your schedule, the free Google Calendar Sync app from Bókun will be a great addition for you and your team. You will not have to constantly flip between two calendars, tediously making sure that you have all the bookings manually entered from one place to another and with all the right information.

Instead, by syncing your Bókun account to your Google Calendar, you can now have your bookings all on the calendar without having to worry about missing a thing.

Psst! Also coming soon is a function for you to create calendar events for your customers, so they’ll receive a calendar invitation for their experience booked. Stay tuned!

Organizing your bookings and team schedule doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. Get your Google Calendar Sync app now on your Bókun account.

This Google Calendar Sync app is available in the Bókun App Store at no extra cost for Bókun PRO customers exclusively.

Not on Bókun yet? Start your Bókun account today with a 14-day free trial!