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Collaboration is key for travel recovery

The Bókun Team • March 16, 2021

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Hyped with the possibility of travelers returning again? That makes two of us! We’ve been hearing so much about a travel reboud and the pent-up demand for travel, but realistically speaking, can we respond adequately and turn that into an opportunity?

Many tours and activities operators that we spoke to have switched to survival mode last year, running their businesses on skeletal staffing, reducing products or operations . Some are gearing up again while the rest who are limited by resources may still be struggling to scale back up despite the excitement.

Regardless, it’s not easy to be doing that all on your own. So why not proactively work with others and leverage on each other’s strengths to fill the gaps in your business?

Consider working with new partners who can resell your tours and activities to their audiences for a small commission whilst you can sit back. For instance, you can be partnering with a vacation rental manager or hotel concierge who can recommend your experiences to their guests. Especially with travelers more inclined to book their trips last-minute and in-destination ( nearly two-thirds booked their accommodation within 30 days to travel! ), having a local partner can certainly help drive those bookings!

Likewise, you can also cross-sell other suppliers’ products or bundle with your own and make extra money as well—from both sales and commission. Offering a food tour? Pair it with a wine tour in the vicinity for instance. Really, the possibilities are endless!

You can do all of that easily with tens of thousands of tours and activities suppliers, resellers, and affiliates from all around the world in Bókun’s Marketplace . Curious about the difference between these platforms? Learn more here.

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