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Case Studies

Up at The O2

Bókun enables Up at The O2 to free up time to drive stronger customer experiences.

Charlotte Gannon • May 7, 2024

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About the Operator

Up at The O2 is a leading London attraction with guided climb experiences over one of the world’s most popular entertainment venues.

Going into its 10th year, the team is constantly looking for ways to develop to improve current customer experience and attract new ones. From branding and marketing to sales strategy, they are not afraid to push boundaries while enhancing customer experience.

Addressing Up at The O2 Booking Challenges

Being an attraction with timed entry and limited capacity, their box office team was previously managing all bookings from third parties. 

Manual management of bookings made real-time availability and instant bookings difficult to achieve.

Introducing a Seamless Implementation

Now with Bókun, the team are able to work with many of their key partners more efficiently through the Bókun Marketplace and API connections. 

The tour operator can offer partners live availability and instant booking confirmation providing customers with a seamless booking experience. It also allowed employees to free up time to focus on customers during the experience. 

With live ticketing they now also has the ability to sell out all time slots, and at short notice. This allows them to maximise not just their busy days, but also the quiet ones, tapping on all potential opportunities.


For the tour operator it is key to ensure a perfect customer experience so that you and your partner benefit from the potential of instant bookings and happy customers. 

The team at Up at The O2 suggests that other operators should encourage their partners to connect with Bókun and take advantage of the extensive connectivity partners within the Bókun Marketplace.