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Bókun partners with PaxFlow to help tour operators with customer self-service tools for booking management

The Bókun Team • April 20, 2022

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We’re excited to announce our partnership with PaxFlow and be the first in the industry to exclusively offer a freemium version of PaxPortal to all Bókun PRO operators!

Used by tour operators around the world, PaxPortal is a fast and flexible customer self-service portal targeted at post-booking support where customers can quickly and easily manage their bookings on their own. With the help of PaxPortal, tour operators have seen a savings of up to 60% of their time originally spent on manually attending to similar customer requests!


Why should you use PaxPortal?

It’s Free!

Yes, that’s right. No strings attached. As part of our partnership, all Bókun Pro customers can have exclusive access to PaxPortal Free at no added cost. Start including PaxPortal in all of your post-booking customer touchpoints today.

Save your team tons of time

Your customer support folks will thank you for this. While you’re already using Bókun to be more efficient, the introduction of PaxPortal to your business can make it even better. Instead of spending a great deal of time handling small repetitive requests, PaxPortal frees up that time for you to tackle more complicated, time-sensitive tasks or even upselling opportunities!   Having the most accurate and up-to-date booking and customer information will also help tremendously in operations.

Outshine your competition by delivering the best customer service

Offering a customer self-service portal can help to elevate the customer experience of your guests between the time they book and the time they arrive. Using PaxPortal, your customers can conveniently make changes to their bookings anytime and anywhere without having to send a request in and wait for a response a few hours or even days later.

  • Access their booking and get an overview of their booked tours
  • View booking information like date and time of the tour, traveller information, and meeting point or pick-up location
  • Retrieve and download their ticket
  • Update their contact details (email and phone number)
  • Make changes to the booking such as amending the pickup location, rescheduling the booking, or even requesting for cancellation

And it’s not just that. All information get updated in your Bókun system so you can manage the operations more seamlessly from one place, delivering the smoothest customer experience possible!


It's easy to use for you and your customers

Setting up is extremely simple. Install PaxPortal from the Bókun App Store and place your dedicated PaxPortal link onto your website, and in your confirmation emails and ticket fields within Bókun. Your customers can simply click on the link, log in and start managing their bookings from there. No fuss, no hassle, and a great addition to your post-booking operations with Bókun!

At Bókun, we are committed to creating a platform to connect, support and power the experiences ecosystem, and part of that is building high quality connections with our partners for our customers. we’re excited about this new offering with PaxFlow to provide tour operators with the right tools to run and grow their businesses.

Bókun PRO customers can start installing PaxPortal from the Bókun App Store now. Not a Bókun PRO customer yet? Sign up for your 14-day free trial to get started.