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Bókun opens new doors for tourism businesses, according to TEN90 Digital

The Bókun Team • November 3, 2021

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Editor’s Note: This blog post is part of Bókun’s Better Together series of content.

This guest post is by Alberto Melgar , founder of TEN90 Digital , a UK-based digital marketing and web development agency where he helps leading international brands with their digital marketing strategies.

Over the last 15 years I have worked for different international brands helping them with their digital marketing strategies, building their websites, and monetising their content online.

Many of the companies where I worked in the past, as well as the clients of TEN90 Digital, are from the travel sector, including hotels, flights, attractions, and events. And all of them require a completely different strategy.

How Bókun helps us and our clients

Over the last couple of years we have introduced Bókun to different clients, from Experiences suppliers to resellers who are looking for quality products to sell on their websites.

Based on our own experience at TEN90 Digital, the key features that Bókun offers that have made our lives much easier are:

  • It covers all the basics that a tourism brand requires to get online and start selling —from creating your website to managing inventory, discount codes, SEO, payment integrations and more.
  • The possibility to connect with 100’s of suppliers and resellers with just a few clicks , saving a lot of time for both sides.
  • Technical support is top . Although Bókun offers web templates and different elements that you can add or edit to make your website unique, their support team is always fast and ready to help when we require additional support.
  • It helps reducing the cost and development times considerable in comparison to other alternatives like building an e-commerce platform from scratch.

Importance of getting online and connected

It’s actually amazing how so many tourism businesses have operated solely offline, and have built a solid brand and reputation in cities like London, Paris, Rome… and I commend them for what they are doing! But to meet changing consumer demands and to really expand their businesses, the best step forward is definitely getting online.

When we talk to these clients, they do recognize the need to be online. But usually, the main reason they haven’t invested more resources into creating a transactional website to maximise their revenue was that they thought it would be expensive and that it would be difficult to manage online sales.

Here at TEN90 Digital, we work with businesses of all sizes, even small businesses with a limited budget. Instead of rejecting them, we prefer to guide them and offer them alternatives that will let them grow and become a bigger business eventually.

“That’s why to me, Bókun is opening new doors for small and medium companies that want to boost their sales online, even if they don’t have a dedicated online marketing team. At the same time, it makes it easier for agencies like ours to work with a wider list of brands.”

Since we started collaborating with Bókun, we felt that their philosophy is aligned with our company vision. At TEN90 Digital we like to treat our clients as if we were part of their team—if our clients succeed, then we will succeed, it’s that simple.