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Bókun and JTB launch JTB BÓKUN for tour operators in Japan

The Bókun Team • February 4, 2021

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New Partnership Announcement

We’re excited to announce the launch of JTB BÓKUN, a new platform for tour operators in Japan. To bring JTB BÓKUN to life, we’ve partnered with JTB, the largest travel agency in Japan for domestic, inbound and outbound travel.

JTB BÓKUN is specifically built to help operators in Japan, with local language support and customized insights, helping operators manage and grow their businesses as travel adjusts as a result of COVID-19, and position themselves in the local and regional economy in Japan. Tour and activity providers in Japan have a rich variety of experiences to offer both domestic and global travelers, and JTB BÓKUN will help connect this supply and provide high quality content to the diverse demand of Japanese tourist and inbound travelers.

At Bókun, we are committed to creating a platform to connect, support and power the experiences ecosystem, and part of that is building high quality connections with our partners for our customers, and we’re excited about this new offering.

Want to learn more? Head to JTB BÓKUN for more information.