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Be in front of your travellers with Bókun’s cross-selling network

The Bókun Team • March 8, 2021

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Ever wanted a quick and easy way to reach travelers—from when they’re researching for their trip to when they’re actually in the destination—and sell to them? You can definitely do it yourself, but what about working with partners who are already right in front of your potential customers?

If you’ve been working with local agents to promote your tours and activities, this idea is not new. But Bókun helps you to scale things up with the opportunity to increase your products’ exposure even more through tens of thousands of partners from around the world that you can be working with. The best part is that you have the flexibility to do so through the Bókun Marketplace , Affiliate Hub , or both!

Let’s take a look at how each of these options can work for you.

What is the Bókun Marketplace?

With the Marketplace , you can be working with other suppliers and resellers to cross-sell each other’s products through bespoke contracts. Offer companies—like global OTAs, local agencies, hoteliers, car rental firms, airlines, and even other tour operators—the opportunity to sell your products for a small negotiated commission, whilst you sit back and watch the bookings roll in!

Currently available for Bókun PRO customers, the Marketplace works best for tour suppliers who prefer to handle the contract negotiation, outreach, and payout themselves. (P.S. If you’re also looking to bundle your product with that of another tour supplier, you can also do that with the Marketplace!)

Interested to try it out yourself? Head over to the Marketplace sections of your Bókun account today! Not on Bókun yet? Sign up here .