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3 Tips to boost your SEO

The Bókun Team • April 7, 2020

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through a search engine’s “natural” or “organic” search results.

Brand new to SEO? Don’t worry — it’s less intimidating than it may sound. When diving into SEO, it’s important to remember that your willingness to test different concepts will significantly help your learning. An essential part of any SEO strategy is knowing what’s working, what isn’t, and adjusting your approach as you go along. From finding the terms and phrases (keywords) that can generate quality traffic to your website, to building links — there’s a lot of factors that go into rank-ability on search engines like Google.

So why work on your SEO? In a recent survey of a group of travel companies with a website, it was estimated 48% of their website traffic referrals came from search engines.

The earlier and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors your website will receive.

Here are three tips you can start today to boost your SEO on your website:

Publish a blog

There are lots of advantages of having a blog: it keeps your content fresh, boosts customer engagement, and it’s a cheap and quick way to increase your brand’s visibility. But writing a high-quality blog will also grow the authority of your website in the ranking signals — increasing your SEO value.

 When starting a blog, it’s important to attract the right audience. Are there any unanswered questions your travelers are asking? Try to answer those questions your travelers are searching for, and provide relevant information. If you’re using the Bókun Website Builder, you can start a blog in minutes!

Add Titles and descriptions to each page

The title tells users and search engines what the page is about. Make sure titles are clear about what users should see on the page. Titles should be less than 62 characters. This is one of the most important steps, as the title of the page is directly what shows up in search results on search engines. Also make sure not to repeat keywords in titles, as this can be seen as trying to spoof results.

Meta descriptions play a significant role in click-through-rate. This, in turn, can increase your traffic. With that being said, make sure your descriptions to each page are unique and catch the attention of the viewer. If you don’t use a description, or Google doesn’t like your description, they will auto-generate one for you.

These are two quick fixes that you can tackle in under an hour to help your SEO. Our Website Builder makes these two fixes even simpler for you — check out our step-by-step guide here .

Work on the links

Internal, external, and inbound links have a big influence on how your website ranks.

  • Fix broken links that appear on your website. You can use tools like W3X Link Checker to easily spot the 404 errors (broken page URLs) and fix them.
  • Try to get sites all over the web linking to your website. Link to your site from your social media pages, link to your site from your comments on other travel sites’ blogs, and ask travel bloggers or other travel publications to feature and link to your site in exchange for you doing the same on your site.

Pro Tip: Continuous improvement is critical

These things take time. Changing a couple factors on your website will not result in an immediate bump to the top of Google rankings, but stick with it! It will come in time.

In a Google Webmaster Hangout , John Mueller, a Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, says that improving your SEO takes time because the search engine’s algorithm has to carry out a re-evaluation of your entire site after changes have been implemented. Mueller recommends continuous improvement being the ultimate goal.

We’re here to help you market smarter and grow faster. With the Bókun Website Builder , you have access to everything you need to build and promote your online presence. Check it out today.