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Manage your business real-time with the free Slack integration

The Bókun Team • January 28, 2021

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Bring a part of your business into your Slack workspace with Bókun PRO

Slack is a messaging platform commonly used for team members to communicate and work together.

Got a new booking on Bókun? You can receive real-time alerts on Slack with the booking information and customer details.

Want to communicate with a customer? Send messages and reach out to the customer to thank him/her for booking or follow up with some trip essentials – all without leaving the Slack platform.

What to do when a tour capacity is filling up? Get instant notifications on your product availability through your Slack channels and increase the capacity in Bókun.

This can work wonders for your business as you can react quickly and potentially capture more bookings. Handy, isn’t it?

So why wait? Integrate your Bókun account with Slack to get real-time updates and manage your business smoothly.

This Slack notifications app is available in the Bókun App Store at no extra cost for Bókun PRO customers exclusively.

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